SLCC 2011: underway

SLCC 2011 is getting underway in Oakland, California. Volunteers are gearing-up to open the registration desk, and today will see an in-world mixer event held between 13:00-14:00 PST, with the films Deep Down: A Story from the Heart of Coal Country and When Strangers Click being shown later in the afternoon at the conference centre in Oakland.

Keynote talks and other presentations will be streamed via uStream, both in-world and on the SLCC website, which also has the full conference schedule.

Offical SLCC sim map

Four sims have been established in-world for those wishing to remotely follow / join-in the conference, and which will host the various in-world activities and events that are scheduled alongside the main conference. Note that if you wish to watch any conference presentations in-sim, you will need to use a 2.x-compatible Viewer to receive the streams.

Bradbury Building with Faneuil Hall behind

Those who have a Twitter account can follow latest updates and news by following #slcc.

I’ll be endeavouring to follow events remotely and reporting on various aspects of the conference – as doubt will many others!

Useful landmarks

An Aerial view of the SLCC sims (slick to enlarge)