Phoenix out

Phoenix have released the latest maintenance update to the Viewer. This comes with a number of bug fixes, including:

  • Phoenix appends (PH) in official support groups, with an option to disable
  • Fix for crash on changing shape and sometimes on appearance (fixes PHOE-59, and part of PHOE-3002)
  • Fix for crash when an animation is played on another avatar with an unknown joint
  • Partial fix for crash when script error buffer is overloaded by only displaying your own script errors by default.
  • Webkit related updates and fixes.
  • Linux Webkit updated to 4.7.1 (to same as windows and mac)
  • Fixes showcases not working for regions with a space in the name
  • Add Plugins and Javascript settings to web preferences
  • Add ability to disable SSL certificate errors in LLQtWebkit.
  • Add ability to add certificates.
  • Fixed Mac OSX Lion error messages about missing files
  • Updated bridge to prevent other objects from making your av move
  • Added option to disable server version change notifications, and set notifications to a lower priority
  • Updated copy paste code in build floater and fixed position on attachment
  • Avatar physics fixes – pie menu detach works, as does setting beer belly bounce on male
  • Handle llRegionSayTo() messages sent to local chat properly. Fixes PHOE-2998.
  • Webkit related upgrades and fixes
  • GPU list corrections and additions.

Of particular interest to many is the inclusion of the following functions:

  • The new Parcel Privacy options, and the ability to mute avatar sounds (generated by gestures) have been backported from Viewer 2
  • The “official” code for sharing region environment settings has been incorporated
  • STORM-1037 compliance has been added, and the redundant “hide URL” checkbox removed (redundant, as there are other means to obtain the URL even when the checkbox is ticked).
  • Viewer 2’s capability to mute avatar sounds at the parcel level
  • Phoenix can now detect whether a region supports the upcoming new maximum prim size of 64x64x64 (which will be introduced alongside mesh, as is currently available in the mesh-enabled sandboxes and private sims that signed-up to the Mesh/Live Volunteer program). This option will obviously become redundant once mesh is rolled out across the main Grid, but for now is useful, as it gives Phoenix users the opportunity to find a suitable sim and play with the new prim sizing capabilities.

Jessica also appears to have been following me around the mesh-enabled sims on both agni and aditi, as she also supplies a series of images showing mesh when seen in a mesh-capable viewer and a non-mesh viewer!

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