Mesh: the videos

Mesh has been rolled-out to the Main grid. Doubtless, there will be some tweaking and nips and tucks, plus we already have the promise of further improvements / updates in the future – and the rendering code has yet to find its way into widespread use – but this is the start of something new and hopefully full of potential for SL.

Kkudos to Rodvik, Charlar, Runitai and all at Linden Lab and all those users who worked through the Beta programme and the Mesh/Live Volunteers programme for making this possible in Second Life.

YouTube is awash with mesh-related videos, but to mark the roll-out I thought I’d pin and handful of my favourites here.

And because it is so stunning, Rockerfaerie’s video of Claudia222 Jewell’s amazing creations:


  • Mesh Montage – Damien Fate
  • Vehicle import test – Bytegang
  • Preview tour – SparkaphatDoobie.


Mesh: the roll-out

[POSTED 8:22PM PDT Aug 22, 2011] Rolling restarts for regions on the main Second Life server channel will be performed on Tuesday, August 23rd at approximately 5:00am PDT. Please make sure to save all builds and refrain from making purchases during this time.

Mesh: transformative? (w/thanks for Claudia222 Jewell)

With this simple notice, mesh commenced its roll-out to the remaining portion of the Main gird that has yet to see it (approximately 70%), as per the server release notes.So, assuming all goes well, the entire Main grid will be mesh enabled from today.

This isn’t the end of the mesh project, but really the beginning; thing’s are going to suddenly change overnight – it’s going to take time for mesh to make its presence felt, and as Linden Lab themselves admit, there will be further updates, revisions and improvements ahead.

As a result of this, we can doubtless expect the Beta “Viewer 3” to go to full release status shortly (if not today as well), which brings with it mesh support with some added features. Please see the update at the end of this article.

For those wishing to see mesh, issues still remain: the code for rendering mesh objects has yet to be incorporated into a number of third-party 2.x Viewers, and it unclear as to whether the code can be backported into the 1.x code.

In the meantime – a video from rockerfaerie featuring some of Claudia222 Jewell’s remarkable mesh art.


At 1300 SLT Nyx Linden confirmed the following:

  • All channels of the Main grid now support mesh except the BlueSteel RC channel (which one assumes will get mesh during the RC channel restarts on Wednesday 24th August)
  • The Default official Viewer is now Viewer 3 (currently

More on Mesh

Update 25th August

The “additional feature” referred to in this article was the ability to disable mesh rendering in a region. However, in commenting on a JIRA raised in relation to the capability, Charlar Linden stated:

Charlar Linden updated SH-2341:Status: Expected Behavior  (was: Open)   Resolution: Not Applicable – thanks – this flag would have no effect, and is being removed soon.

So it would appear the option to disable mesh is not intended to be a part of the Viewer.

LL provide Mesh region setting

Update Thursday August 25th: In a comment on the revised JIRA, Charlar Linden states: Charlar Linden updated SH-2341:Status: Expected Behavior  (was: Open)   Resolution: Not Applicable – thanks – this flag would have no effect, and is being removed soon.

Ciaran Laval has been investigating mesh from a sim owner’s standpoint, and came upon the fact that LL have added new regional controls related to mesh.

New region setting

As Ciaran reports, the latest mesh-enabled  Beta Viewer includes an option to allow / deny the rezzing of mesh objects within a region. By default, the option is set to ALLOW mesh, although currently, there appears to be a bit of a bug in the system – if you uncheck the option, it re-check itself on hitting APPLY. This may just be a hiccup in the Beta that LL are already aware of, but to be on the safe side, Ciaran has also raised a JIRA on the matter – be sure to WATCH it!

Given this issue with the option at present, it is not clear what will happen to mesh objects that are currently rezzed in-world should the option be toggled to disable mesh. Will they be returned, or will they fail to render in all viewers & any scripts they contain be disabled? One would hope for the latter (allowing for issues around collisions, physics, etc.), as the former could present a lot of angst.

The capability isn’t granular to the level of individual parcels, which is understandable given that mesh will impact an entire sim regardless of where it is placed. However, as things are refined and improved over time, it would be interesting to see if such granularity of control could be introduced in time.

Overall the addition of this capability is a very good move; mesh stands to be potentially very beneficial for Second Life, but it also carries not a few potential risks. Thus, the inclusion of this option allows estate / sim owners worried about negative impacts to disable mesh rendering from the start, allowing them to observe how mesh impacts the rest of the grid before opting to allow it.

Expect to see this option in main Viewer when the Beta is rolled over to a full release.