Innovations in portraiture in Second Life

Innovations in Portraiture: Cayla (YumiYukimura)

Innovations in Portraiture is the name of a new gallery in Second Life which celebrated its formal opening on October 15th, 2022.

The gallery is the joint work of Cayla (YumiYukimura) and Addie (adeleberry408), and is intended to act as a showcase for their respective art. Despite featuring the word “portraiture” within the title, the gallery covers a far broader spectrum of art than portraiture itself.

Innovations in Portraiture: Addie (adeleberry408)

Addie is a relative newcomer to the Second Life art world, her work focusing on Second Life landscapes. Within the gallery she offers Scenes of a Virtual World, a collection of 18 images captured from around Second Life which share a raw beauty that is more than likely recognised by anyone who has become caught in the world of potentials offered by Second Life photography.

These are images very much “as-seen” by the the camera’s eye, reliant on only EEP settings and the artist’s viewpoint, and sans post-processing. Hence my use of the term “raw”; it’s not in any way negatively, but rather to emphasise the honesty contained within these images that – in an age where everything captured in-world is so often post-processed and enhanced – is genuinely refreshing, open and attractive.

Innovations in Portraiture: Cayla (YumiYukimura)

In the physical world, Cayla is photographer and graphics artist. In particular, she specialises in what might be referred to as hybrid art – marking her current spread of work at the gallery the second encounter I’ve had with the format in recent weeks (see also: A gallery of dreams in Second Life), although Cayla’s work offers a new dimension to the format.

Her art starts with AI images prompted by a descriptive and sensory vocabulary. While multiple images may be produced, Cayla selects one for further processing through Adobe Photoshop to produce either a standalone image, or a possible backdrop for use with her avatar portraiture. This combination of AI generated image and avatar photography adds an additional layer to Cayla’s hybrid work.

Innovations in Portraiture: Cayla (YumiYukimura)

Within the ground level of the gallery, Cayla presents a remarkable selection of highly sensuous flower paintings, generated through AI which are, to say the least, utterly stunning. They are bracketed by a series of character portraits on the ground floor of the gallery, and a richly engaging series built around the theme of elves – a subject always close to my heart.

Two very different artists linked by a common love of art and expression, Addie and Cayla offer a lot to see and appreciate (I do recommend Cayla’s essay on AI art as well, available through an easel in the gallery), and a look forward to future visits and seeing more of their work.

Innovations in Portraiture: Cayla (YumiYukimura)

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