A gentle November Rain in Second Life

November Rain, November 2022 – click any image for full size

From time-to-time in these pages I’ve asserted that holding a complete region, be it Full or Homestead, is not a prerequisite to being able to design a setting which can be opened for public enjoyment. What matters is not the size of the land held, but the creativeness in using it, and I’ve offered numerous examples of this through these pages: parcels within a region which have been carefully and lovingly curated to present an engaging and inviting place to visit.

Another example of such a location is November Rain, a 4096 sq metre parcel sitting within a Full region, and in which Semina (Semiiina) – Sem to her friends and fans – has established a cosy, atmospheric setting where people can come, explore,  take photos and listen to music.

November Rain, November 2022
Come and explore the autumn themed café: November Rain. Grab an umbrella, take lots of pictures and meet new friends. Curl up with a hot drink in the Café and listen to live music and the sound of autumn rain.

November Rain About Land

I was alerted to the café’s existence by reader Morgana Carter, who IM’d me the SLurl and a note after my recent piece on three Mainland cafés (see The coffee houses of Heterocera in Second Life), suggesting it might be a suitable addition to that series. Whilst clearly not on the Mainland, after visiting November Rain, I had to agree that the setting did deserve being written about (in fact, I’m not alone in this, given the location has recently been featured in the official blog).

Located on a sky platform, this is a setting that doesn’t need a lot of description in terms of exploring and looking out from things; it is small enough to get around easily, and the focal point is obviously the café in terms of where to go.  What I will say is the to appreciate the setting fully, visitors should used the local environment settings (menu World → Environment → Used Shared Environment).

November Rain, November 2022

This is because November Rain is richly atmospheric, the environment settings reinforcing the sense of the month in the Northern Hemisphere, a time when autumn is definitely on the wane, the days are shortening and darkening, the weather is on the turn with rain and leaden skies – but there is also a promise of winter and the romance of snow and starry skies lies just over the horizon, complete with cups of hot chocolate and roaring fires.

The stone-built café sits at the end of a gate path winding through the surrounding trees.  A large sign to one side of the landing point offers links to the expected info on the setting, its guidelines and the opportunity to join the local events group. A link to a calendar of events is also provided, although at the time of my visit this appeared to be largely devoid of dates. Still in bloom, the woodlands around the café offer and assortment of details to discover: a fox curled up sleep here, a reindeer with antlers strung with lights there, a vixen with her cubs sheltering from the rain falling from the evening sky, cats playing on the front porch…

November Rain, November 2022

Inside, the two rooms of the café offer a warm and decidedly cosy setting, the first room offering couch seating and the café’s serving counter with a rich selection of cakes and drinks suitable for the festive season. More seating can be found in the second room, together with a stage for live music sessions and a small dance area underneath the skylight. For those who like the outdoors, a table and chairs can be found under a parasol next to the front door to the café, while back among the trees is a romantic little hideaway.

Compact, rich in detail with plenty of opportunities for photography (limited rezzing available to group members, but please pick up after yourself if you make use of it). November Rain is a delightful visit.

November Rain, November 2022

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2022 SUG meetings week #48 summary

Moorcroft, October 2022 – blog post

The following notes were taken from the Tuesday, November 29th, 2022 Simulator User Group (SUG) meeting. They form a summary of the items discussed and is not intended to be a full transcript. A video of the entire meeting is embedded at the end of the article for those wishing to review the meeting in full – my thanks to Pantera for recording it.

Server Deployments

This week will see all simhosts on all channels restarted, but no deployments.

There should be a new RC release available in Week #49 (commencing Monday, December 5th, 2022. This should include a fix for BUG-229301 “Maximum Memory allowable by scripts not being reset until teleport or relog”.

Available Official Viewers

On Monday, November 28th:

  • The Performance Floater / Auto-FPS project viewer was promoted to RC status with the release of version
  • The Maintenance P (Preferences, Position and Paste) RC viewer re-upped to version

The rest of the official viewer currently available official viewer remain as follows:

  • Release viewer: version – MFA and TOS hotfix viewer – November 1 – No change.
  • Release channel cohorts:
    • VS  2022 RC viewer, version, issued November 4 – utilises Visual Studio 2022 in the Windows build tool chain.
  • Project viewers:
    • PBR Materials project viewer, version, issued on November 3.
      • This viewer will only function on the following Aditi (beta grid) regions: Materials1; Materials Adult and Rumpus Room 1 through 4.
    • Puppetry project viewer, version,  issued on October 12.
    • Love Me Render (LMR) 6 graphics improvements project viewer, July 21.

In Brief

Refer to the video below for more information on the following:

  • There has been a noticed uptick of objects failing to rez / render (see this forum thread). Whilst the issue has been around long enough to have been reported at least once (see: BUG-9439) and for workarounds such as ALT-zooming out  a long distance from a region and the using ESC to “jump” back to it, it is thought it issues might be related to the Interest List (simply put, the exchange of data between simulator and viewer as to what is in the region, what you should be able to see, how / when it is updated, etc). LL have noted the uptick  in issues, although no underpinning cause has been indicated, although there is an internal lean towards the Interest List theory.
I’m fairly certain that the current vanishing object issue is in the Interest List. I’m not sure what we changed that could have aggravated though. I’ve been seeing it pretty regularly for about a month now.

– Rider Linden

    • The discussion of this issue takes up the majority of the meeting, and touches other issues related to object rendering, / rezzing / re-rendering, and also includes views on improving the robustness of the Interest List as a whole – including a capability function (for which LL has requested a Feature Request Jira).
  • There is some further discussion on combat in Second Life,  and the need for improved projectile systems and generally improving the current capabilities. This follows on from the last meeting, and involves this forum discussion.
  • The final 10 minutes of the meeting touches on potential updates to the recently release Linkset Data (LSD)


Emergent Gallery revisited in Second Life

Emergent Gallery, November 2022

It’s been over two years since my last visit to Ilrya Chardin’s Emergent Gallery space. At that time, it occupied a landscaped 1/4 Full region, offering an exhibition space for Ilrya’s 2D and 3D work, together with a small number of invited artists. Now, two years on, the gallery remains within that same 1/4 Full region, but now comprises a series of art facilities built directly over water and linked one to the next by paved footpaths.

The largest of these, within the landing point directly before it together with teleport information boards to Ilrya’s other current exhibitions in Second Life, is the main gallery building. Inside, the entrance level comprises a collection of Ilyra’s 2D and 3D work. Above this, on the mid-level, a series of exhibition spaces host art from guest artists, with a further level – the Penthouse Level – above that with additional exhibition halls.

Emergent Gallery, November 2022: CybeleMoon and Chuck Clip

Now to be honest, I’ve no idea if the spaces within the gallery are offered to artists on a rental basis or are invited exhibitions that change over time. However, at the time of my visit, the mid-level comprised displays by Chuck Clip, CybeleMoon (Hana Hoobinoo), Mareea Farrasco (three artists for whom I have a lot of admiration), Riannah Avora, Kisma Reidling and Eylinea Seabird. The Penthouse, meanwhile, hosted exhibitions by Carelyna, Chelo Baron, LIV (RagingBellls), Sheba Blitz, and Toysoldier Thor.

Together, these 11 artists present an engaging mix of 2D and 3D art, while outside, five smaller halls offer exhibition space for a single artist each. Again, whether these are offered for rent or to host limited-period exhibitions by invited artists is something I’m not sure about; however, at the time of my visit, they housed exhibitions by Zia Sophia (Zia Branner), Suzen JueL (JueL Resistance), Ladmilla Medier (Ladmilla) and Eli Medier and two more artists who I admire greatly: Hermes Kondor and Sisi Biedermann.

Emergent Gallery: Adrian Harbinger

The final and second largest hall within the gallery is given over to a permanent exhibition of 2D and 3D art offer by Ilyra and as a tribute to several of the SL artists she admires. However, this is not the end of the exhibits or exhibit spaces. An open-air space offers the potential to be used to be for either 2D or 3D art, or a mix of both. This latter point is ably demonstrated by the space hosting a display of 2D and 3D work by Adrian Harbinger.

With two further platforms hosting Ilyra’s 3D pieces and more individual 3D pieces also sitting over the water, Emergent offers a lot for art lovers to appreciate. As such, it remains an engaging centre for art in Second Life.

Emergent Gallery: Sisi Biedermann

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Seanchai Library: Nov 28th-Dec 1st, 2022 in Second Life

Seanchai Library

It’s time to highlight another week of storytelling in Voice by the staff and volunteers at the Seanchai Library – and this week previews the launch of a very special event.

As always, all times SLT, and events are held at the Library’s home in Nowhereville, unless otherwise indicated. Note that the schedule below may be subject to change during the week, please refer to the Seanchai Library website for the latest information through the week.

Monday, November 28th, 19:00: Frek in the Grulloo Woods

Frek’s father left the planet in a big hurry after Gov (the government) peeped him with their rather invasive brain scrambling techniques. Ever since then, Frek and his family have been seen as kind of renegades and outsiders, not really proper company for the upstanding citizens.

But when Frek discovers that some alien intelligence is trying to get in touch with him, he decides to follow in his father’s footsteps; only the Gov have noted his connection with the alien force, and come after him.

With the help of a Grulloo, a second class citizen with a tail – and some new alien friends, Frek escapes the clutches of Gov and blasts off to sign a branecasting deal – branecasting being greatest technology craze sweeping the universe …

Gyro Muggins offers a reading based on the first two chapters of Rudy Rucker’s Frek and the Elixir.

Tuesday, November 29th, 19:00: Selections from Terry Pratchett’s The Hogfather

With Caledonia Skytower at the fireside.

Wednesday, November 30th, 19:00: Seanchai Flicks

Films, popcorn and fun at the Seanchai cinema space.

Thursday, December 1st, 21:00: Seanchai Late Night

Sci-fi / Fantasy with Finn Zeddmore.

Advanced Notice: The Dickens Project

The Dickens Project has officially announced an opening date of December 8th, 2022 and will run through until January 3rd, 2023. Old favourite guests and features will return along with an exciting new land configuration and new collaborators. Details to be published in due course!

2022 viewer release summaries week #47

Logos representative only and should not be seen as an endorsement / preference / recommendation

Updates from the week through to Sunday, November 27th, 2022

This summary is generally published every Monday, and is a list of SL viewer / client releases (official and TPV) made during the previous week. When reading it, please note:

  • It is based on my Current Viewer Releases Page, a list of all Second Life viewers and clients that are in popular use (and of which I am aware), and which are recognised as adhering to the TPV Policy. This page includes comprehensive links to download pages, blog notes, release notes, etc., as well as links to any / all reviews of specific viewers / clients made within this blog.
  • By its nature, this summary presented here will always be in arrears, please refer to the Current Viewer Release Page for more up-to-date information.
  • Note that for purposes of length, TPV test viewers, preview / beta viewers / nightly builds are generally not recorded in these summaries.

Official LL Viewers

  • Release viewer: version – MFA and TOS hotfix viewer – November 1 – No change.
  • Release channel cohorts::
    • Maintenance P (Preferences, Position and Paste) RC viewer updated to version on Wednesday, November 23.
  • Project viewers:
    • No updates.

LL Viewer Resources

Third-party Viewers


  • No updates.


Mobile / Other Clients

  • No updates.

Additional TPV Resources

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The Tranquil Beauty of Oshu in Second Life

Oshu, November 2022 – click any image for full size

It’s fairly well established through the pages of this blog that I have a thing for regions with a Far Eastern design, whether they are intended to offer a Japanese setting, a Chinese setting or a fusion of the two. Learning about such places (particularly if they are intended for public visits, rather than focused on residential settings!) tends to have me reaching for my camera and then mashing the teleport button.

So when Ryū Ojo (Sosaki) sent me an invite to visit her Full region design of Oshu, it moved pretty much to the top of my list of places to visit and start prepping a post about. However, on my arrival I quickly realised that rather than following my usual practice of visiting a region, exploring and writing notes, then returning to later to photograph and blog, this was a place I had to write about immediately – although in fairness to Ryū, she is still working on the final details within the region, so if you do drop in on reading the post around the time it is published and see some unfinished elements – blame me for being too keen to write about it, not Ryū!

Oshu, November 2022

Oshu is Ryū’s first full region build, and she has gone all out with it, opting to use the additional Land Capacity option available to Full private regions. In doing so, she has created what is effectively a tranquil setting cast with a Japanese theme that is completely timeless in nature. When exploring, you feel you could just as easily be in a remote part of modern-day Japan, far removed from the hustle, noise and heat of city life in the modern era as you could setting foot into a feudal province in the country’s Edo period. However, also awaiting discovery are elements which offer visitors a touch of fantasy and of futurism.

No formal landing point hand been set at the time of my visit, although Ryū indicated to me one would eventually be set, complete with a welcome area, so things many change in this regard when you visit when compared to the description of  my explorations below. That said, my wanderings commenced in the north-east uplands of the setting, where a board meadow backs itself against the off-region surround.

Oshu, November 2022

This is the first indication of the care Ryū has been taking in designing the region, carefully blending it along the northern edge and to the west and east with the surround, giving the impression that the region is part of a greater landscape, one rising to high mountain peaks as can be found throughout the islands of Japan, their foothills blanket in rich woodlands.

This meadow is itself a place of mystery; great standing stones lie within the shade of autumnal Japanese maples, their general colour and look suggesting then have been hewn from the rock strata running through the region (including thrusting up through the grasslands of the meadow), but who may have roughly formed and erected them is a mystery. Upslope from the meadow, and backed by a ridge of rock, is a stone arch. Perhaps it may have once been part of a larger structure with some connection with the standing stones, although its carved nature suggests that it is of later origins than the standing stones. Lit by a shimmering green light, it is in fact an experience-based portal offering a connection with Naruru Bay, a modern-era role-play-focused Homestead region.

Oshu, November 2022

The core of the region is focused on a small settlement surrounded by trees. At the time of my visit, these were still being furnished, with the largest being built over a pond, falls to one side allowing the water to tumble to a smaller pond and thence over larger falls which step there way down over southern cliffs to where a channel meanders out to the south-side bay.

This settlement is an utterly tranquil location, the trees shading it from the Sun (and hiding it from view), the paths and terraces linking the houses to Zen gardens,  and bridges spanning the waters, all watched over by dragons either made of bronze or flying free. As well as its sense of serenity, the settlement contains the greatest sense of timelessness within the region, while a long stone stairway descends the slope below the west side Zen garden, pointing the way down to the southern bay and a temple of light built out over the waters.

Oshu, November 2022

Time should be spent exploring the region, as it offers many points of interest and detail. Wildlife and domestic animals can be found throughout, as well as elements of fantasy – the aforementioned dragon, a kitsune statue and, for those who seek it out, a hidden secret.

The latter is not easy to find, but it lies beneath the settlement: a series of tunnels winding down to a series of caverns where huge fungi grow, and a path might be found passing from cavern to cavern to eventually come to two pairs of doors. At the time of my visit, the entrance to these tunnels came by way of passing through a tall curtain of water and then carefully treading between it and another; however, Ryū noted to me this may change.

Oshu, November 2022

However, these tunnels further contain another aspect of the timeless mix within the region: the tunnels leading down to the caverns appear to have been cut suing modern tools and are lit by electric lights, suggesting they were made using tools of a later era than the Edo looks of the settlement. The caverns, meanwhile have that sense of fantasy, whilst the pairs of double doors take visitors into a sci-fi like set of rooms of unknown purpose (again, at least at the time of my visit).

For a first-time Full region build, Oshu is engaging and richly detailed and something for which Ryū should be justifiably proud. Primarily designed for photographer / explorers, Ryū also indicated to me it might also offer some degree of role-play (possibly connected to Naruru Bay  given the presence of the portal), although time will likely tell on this. In the meantime, this is a destination well worth visiting, and which I hope Ryū will submit to the Destination Guide when she is happy with the design, so that it might be appreciated by folk from across SL.

Oshu, November 2022

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  • Oshu (rated: Moderate)