MarDayLine Pylons – a watery attraction in Second Life

MarDayLine Pylons, July 2022 – click any image for full size

Back in June time, Shawn Shakespeare passed me a landmark for a curious and engaging parcel called MarDayLine Pylons, home to a design by a group of individuals out of Japan led by 奈芙缇丝 (Subsequnce). Despite its small size – less than an eighth of a Full region (one with the private region LI bonus) – this is both a public / private environment, with the introductory notes (available on a sign board at the landing point) stating:

Welcome to Mardayline Pylons. We wish yo a pleasant stay here. The café, sofa fountain bar and onsen are at your convenience. Mardayline Pylons is a private community that is casual and friendly … Part of this area is residential for rent. Please do not enter or leave other people’s houses without permission.  
MarDayLine Pylons, July 2022

With a north-south orientation, with cloud-faced cliffs forming an eastern curtain and uplands bordering the southern end of the parcel, this is a place very much defined by water. It tumbles from the highlands in sheer or stepped falls, one of which has its waterflow directed down a covered nullah, to where a flooded street sits.

Quite what has happened – natural disaster or the result of global warming – is up to visitors to decide; however, the tumbledown state of the southern end of the parcel beneath the waterfalls suggests a sudden catastrophe having befallen a part of the town-like setting.

MarDayLine Pylons, July 2022

It is along the flooded street, and sitting between it and the equally flooded tram tracks which run around two sides of the parcel, that the rental properties appear to sit, together with the local café. The onsen, sofa bar and other eateries meanwhile, all sit top the uplands, the route to them offered by way of an elevator rather than stepped climbs.

Small in size the parcel might be, but there are plenty of small details waiting to be found that help present it as a place idea for photography, and Subsequence notes that the parcel is open to rezzing for props etc., – but please make sure you clean up behind you should you make use of the opportunity.

MarDayLine Pylons, July 2022

A simple, engaging setting that makes for an easy-going and please visit.

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