A Blue Hour Winter Holiday in Second Life

Blue Hour Winter Holiday Village, December 2021 – click any image for full size
This will be a briefer than usual travelogue piece for today, as I’m currently going in several directions at once, both in and out of SL – it’s that time of year, after all! But I wanted to get notes down about Vita Camino’s most recent public offering, one specifically for the 2021 / 2022 winter holiday season.

Occupying a sky platform above Vita’s My Little Venice – a location I hope to visit in the future – Blue Hour Winter Holiday Village offers another winter / Christmas setting ideal for seasonal photography.  As the name suggests, this is something of a rural / urban setting; the landing point Vita provides drops visitors onto a track that is slowly being hidden by falling snow as it winds through woodland in the hours of twilight. Forming a large loop, and periodically lit by lanterns hung from tall posts, it connects a number of small, outlying rental properties with a small town centre.

Blue Hour Winter Holiday Village, December 2021

With a winter market at one end of its L-shaped street, the town is marked by a number pseudo-Tudor building that from shops on their ground floors and living spaces above, Along one arm of the street, these buildings face a row of houses that might be said to be more Victorian in look. The other arm of the street is bracketed by a park-come recreational area, a small café nestled  to one side to offer a warm welcome to those needing relief from the snow.

A large pond sits to one side of the shops, a place for a spot of skating, while the lights of cottages light the rocky outland beyond. While these are merely shells of buildings, their presence on the stepped rocks gives the setting a sense of depth.

Blue Hour Winter Holiday Village, December 2021

Additional depth is given through the presences of static NPCs indoors and out, together with vehicles carrying presents and Christmas trees home, as well as providing further opportunities for photography.

Easy to explore, rich in detail, Blue Winter Christmas Village is open for your enjoyment – and should you fancy a Christmas vacation in-world, a couple of of the rental cabins were still available during my visit. However, given this is a foreshortened write-up, I’ll leave you with a couple more images and the SLurl so you can see for yourselves.

Blue Hour Winter Holiday Village, December 2021
Blue Hour Winter Holiday Village, December 2021

With thanks to Tara (TaraLiaMe) for the Landmark.

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