A new BarDeco in Second Life

Sainte Rose sur Mer & BarDeco, December 2021 – December 2021

It was in 2016 that I first visited a build by Dandy Warhlol (terry Fotherington), then working with Belle des Champs (Bridget Genna), carrying the name of BarDeco. As a setting for music and socialising (see: Visiting the Village in Second Life), I enjoyed exploring it then, and went on to fall in love with the bar in its 2017 iteration (see A break for coffee in Second Life) – so much so, that with Dandy and Bridget’s permission, I took inspiration for a bar design of my own back in 2018-2019.

BarDeco continued through different iterations of the years, but with Dandy’s region design abilities being in much demand of late, it has been – for me – a much missed destination. Which is why, when Vally Lavender-Ericson (Valium Lavender) set me the Landmark, I made a point of dropping in as soon as time allowed.

Sainte Rose sur Mer & BarDeco, December 2021

Occupying a parcel within a Full private region, Sainte Rose sur Mer & BarDeco offers a refreshing break from the current round of winter-themed regions by presenting visitors with a little corner of Mediterranean France with a beach to the southern aspect, and a little east-facing cove dominated by building-sized lump of rock that – being honest – had me regretting the beach didn’t didn’t continue along the coast from the south, and a coastal, almost rustic corner of a town built around BarDeco itself, that offer little walks and corners to explore.

The landing point sits on the east side of the parcel, overlooking the rocky little cove on a stone-faced wharf / piazza. This faces the entrance to BarDeco club space, the façade of which carried elements seen with the 2017 design I fell in love with.

Sainte Rose sur Mer & BarDeco, December 2021

Passing through the archway into the club space reveals that it has been set within an open-air courtyard surrounded on three sides by the ruins  or rear aspects of buildings, and the forth by its front façade. One of the latter includes a neat little balcony that overlooks the courtyard and makes for a neat little bird’s nest for the DJ. Facing it across the courtyard and under the shade of one of the ruins, sits the bar, its design again recalling earlier iterations of BarDeco through design and décor, whilst remaining unique.

A neat aspect of the club is that one corner opens out into what looks to have once been gardens. Now overgrown with wildflowers. It forms a charming – perhaps even romantic walk, or even a little place for a romantic dance or two – that offers a means to reach the rest the setting, reached by way of stone steps leading to a small terrace, and gates pointing the way to to the southern sea-front.

Sainte Rose sur Mer & BarDeco, December 2021

Here, on a raised waterfront overlooking the beach, are the local businesses. They are presented as façades which help keep the land impact under control whilst presenting a sense of place – added-to by the back alley that offers a further taste of realism for photography as well as giving a link back to the landing point by way of a little bridge. Again, this would perhaps be a little more quaint if the bridge and the water under it were more connected to the cove rather than being caught between that block of rock; but as it is, the design still works.

My other minor niggle is that sitting in the north-west corner of the setting sits what is already a delightful little walled garden corner – but without direct access. It would be nice to see it finished and an means of accessing it was provided – even if at the cost of some of the LI used for some of the elements around the “upper” level of the club – many of which probably wouldn’t be noticed by those hopping in for the entertainment anyway.

Sainte Rose sur Mer & BarDeco, December 2021

But again, this is just a minor point; there’s no mistaking BarDeco offers an eye-catching venue for music and dancing, and the surrounding build of Sainte Rose sur Mer offers plenty of photographic opportunities, making the setting deserving of a visit.

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