Art in the snow in Second Life

Templeton Farm: UNITY art exhibition

Currently open through December 2021 within a winter themed sky platform at Templeton Farm, is the UNITY art exhibition, featuring the work of 21 artists and photographers from across Second Life, each of whom presents (on average) two pieces of art for us to appreciate.

Offering a mix of art from the physical world and Second Life photography, the exhibition leans towards scenes of winter – not surprising given the overall setting – but is not exclusively so. Matt Thompson, for example, presents two of his abstract paintings, Happy Campers, which suggests much warmer times that the depths of winter, and Magical Nature, a richly evocative piece that can speak to winter in its colours, but which also has more than a hint of the sea about it.

Templeton Farm: UNITY art exhibition
Similarly, Sheba Blitz presents two of her marvellous mandala paintings, each of which, whilst capturing the essence of beauty that might be found in the crystalline form of a single snow flake, also carry us away to the warm on comfort of more spiritual realms.

Among those taking part are names that will be instantly familiar, and perhaps those who might offer a first chance encounter with their work. This was certainly the case for me with Amaya Mavinelli, whose work is tucked into the corner for the skating rink around which the first part of the exhibition is arranged. Softly and lightly post-processed, her two works, Bunny and Back Then, sit between pieces by Sisi Biedermann and Michiel Bechir, two artists whose works span the digital and the physical.

Templeton Farm: UNITY art exhibition

Dante Helios (Dantelios) is another artists with whom I’ve been unfamiliar, and his two pieces captured from within SL guard the path that links the ice rink with a snow-covered field around which the second major part of the exhibition can be found, with art also lining one side of the short walk between the two.

The complete list of artists participating in UNITY are: Carelyna, Dante Helios (Dantelios), Dragon (DragonAngelvs), Matt Thomson (MTH63), Pepper (PepperQuinn), Sparkle (SparkleSherbert), Michiel Bechir, Sisi Biedermann, Sheba (Sheba Blitz), Zia Sophia (Zia Branner), Ule (Uleria Caramel), Jaelle Faerye, Mareea Farrasco, Amaya Mavinelli, Moora (Moora McMillan), Robbyn (Robbyn Poliak), Jamee Thomson (Jamee Sandalwood), Viktor Savior (ViktorSavior), AmandaT Tamatzui, Vita Theas and Holly (Hollywood Topaz).

Templeton Farm: UNITY art exhibition

As well the art, the platform also offers walks through the snowy landscape. some lead to what appears to be a dance floor, one to a open-air store, and another to a winter garden that makes for a charming visit as well. All of which makes UNITY an engaging visit.

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