It’s Snowing at an Ambience Hideaway in Second Life

Ambience Hideaway – It’s Snowing, December 2021 – click any image for full size

One day, I’ll sort myself out and get to visit Ambience Hideaway, the Homestead region held by yoyo Collas when it is not snowing 🙂 .

I say this because at the start of the year, and on the suggestion of Shawn Shakespeare, I paid it a visit and found it deep in the throes of winter, with snow laying deep over the ground of a rugged landscape (see: An Ambient Hideaway in Second Life). And when I returned for a further visit this month, snow was once again falling to blanket the ground – thus leading to the setting’s current name – It’s Snowing.

Ambience Hideaway – It’s Snowing

However, where the setting I visited at the start of the year was suggestive of a snowbound island, possibly lying off the coast of a northern latitude continent, the one I dropped into in December 2021 offered the look and feel of an Alpine village, high in the mountains, perhaps on the edge of a ski resort, close enough to offer chalets skiers can rent for their vacations, but far enough so that the local horse farm to continue doing business.

The landing point lies towards the north-west of the region, sitting on its highest point, a broad shoulder of land that appears to thrust outwards from the surrounding (of-region) mountains. A path runs south between a field set aside for events and a drop to where the rest of the village sits as the hillside falls gently away eastwards to what might be a mountain lake. to the east.

Ambience Hideaway – It’s Snowing

Two routes are available down into the village itself, each leading the way to the little market that stands before a large chalet-style building that sits as a kind of après-ski centre, a little café sitting next door. Chalets sit clusters along the slope, with a little chapel to add further atmosphere to the setting. To the north on the lower slopes sits the house farm, the herd gathering together to eat the hay that is being deposited via tractor.

Ambience Hideaway – It’s Snowing

For me, the horses came as a reminder of the region’s look at the start of the year. They were smaller in number then, but like here, they could be found roaming the snows. A further reminder of that start-of-year setting came as I reached the shores of the lake, where I found penguins huddled in defiance of this being a purely Alpine setting. A short distance away, and extending over the water, sits a place where humans can also enjoy huddling – this time around a fire.

The chalets are all open to people popping in if they wish, and all are comfortably furnished. As well as these and the lakeside deck, there are other places to sit and pass the time – such as the converted rail car that is being guarded by a copse of trees, or the wagon on the hillside or the pavilion sitting at the end of the trail leading away from the landing point.

Ambience Hideaway – It’s Snowing

With snow falling on the high ground, and touches of humour scattered around – Santa might need some help getting his sack down the chimney of the large chalet – there is much to see here, without the region being overly taxing on a half-decent system (or at least, it wasn’t on my mid-range PC). Opportunities for photography abound, and exploring across the snow is easy, on and off the the obvious trails.

Should you pay a visit, be sure to say “hello” to the alpaca!

Ambience Hideaway – It’s Snowing

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