Once Upon A Tide in Second Life

Once Upon a Tide, August 2021 – click any image for full size

I first dropped into Once Upon A Tide, a build by Mïa ((zielonooka1) occupying a homestead region, just on a month ago as July was drawing to a close. If I’m honest, I cannot remember whether the landmark came from Mïa herself (my apologies to her if it did!), whether I heard about the region through other means (in which case my apologies to whoever poked me about it) and I grabbed the LM on that first visit, or the landmark came via other means. Anyway, it’s taken me a while to put fingers to keyboard and write about the setting, as I’ve (a little unfairly) allowed other things to get in the way – so again, apologies to Mïa.

No description is provided for the region in it’s About Land floater, but that’s not a problem, as it makes for a charmingly easy visit for those who drop in, offering – in the words from Mïa’s profile – “a little bit of Ireland”. The focal point for the setting is a compact rectangle of buildings, sitting as both a waterfront promenade of businesses look down over a sea wall to the west and the fishing boats that are making their way to wooden and concrete piers and as a beachfront row of businesses as they look eastward over broad cobbles and broader sands to more waters, these broken by sandbars and rocks that are in turn watched over by the local light house.

Once Upon a Tide, August 2021

The landing point sits at the top of the wide steps that offer a way down from the rectangular street scene to the sandy beach, presenting visitors with a choice – to walk around the shops and places of business as they stand back-to-back and side-to-side as if in defensive huddle atop their sea walls, or trot down to the sands and wander over their warmth.

A walk around the former will reveal that the majority are façades, although one of the pubs and the neighbouring coffee shop each have interior décor as well as outdoor seating on the cobbles, should anyone fancy a sit down. But the fact the majority of the builds are façades doesn’t diminish them; they collectively offer numerous opportunities for photography  – joining the local group will provide those who need them with rezzing rights (just – as I always tend to request – remember to pick up anything you put out when you’re done).

Once Upon a Tide, August 2021

The beach, meanwhile, runs along most of the east side of the island, curving around its south side to become a narrower ribbon of sand before it encounters a rocky shoulder extending out from the town’s sea walls. Here, tucked between the wall and the tide, is a place for outdoor music, the nearby steps providing a handy route up to the pub and coffee house for those who might be in need of refreshment after dancing in the Sun. Along its eastern arm, the beach offers numerous places to sit, the opportunity to snag some fish’n’chips, and even the chance to watch some home movies (aka YouTube) whilst lying on the sand.

To the north, the land becomes a little more rugged. Low cliffs mark the northern coastline, a place where a quartet of beach houses stand over the waters below, supported on wooden piles and beams that extend outward from the edge of the cliffs. These are available for rent by those who wish to extend their visit in the region (or even make it a most home – 100 LI is included in the rental fee).

Once Upon a Tide, August 2021

Between the beach houses and the town sits what might have once been the grounds of a large building many, many decades ago. These now sit as informal gardens, just a single block of ancient stonework and arches remaining. Poles strung with lights stand close by, suggesting this might also be a place for outdoor events as well – a fact also spoken to by the plastic cups strewn  under the lights, awaiting collection.

Between the northern cliffs and the sands of the east beach, the land stands as a grassy table, offered as a camp site and the preserve of a pair of trailer homes that look as if they’ve dropped in from the United States, the battered pick-up truck with its Alabama plates adding to this feeling. A meal is being prepared alongside an outdoor fire, and someone has put together a makeshift tub for bathing – although I have to admit, the campsite’s weather report system had me smiling.

Once Upon a Tide, August 2021

Easy on the eye and the viewer, offering room to relax, opportunities for photography and a setting where the various points within the region both sits as a individual settings and flow together as a whole, making Once Upon A Tide interestingly varied for explorers and photographers alike.

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