Sometimes, it’s better to wait

Yet more house play

The other day I wibbled on about the home island and fiddling with my Fallingwater build. Well, as it turns out, that write-up aged about as well as a political tweet…

The problem with me – well one of the problems with me – is that at times I have a half decent idea, and the half that would make it an actual good idea hides in the back of my mind while I try to ignore it because, well, sometimes things take a while to percolate inside my nogging. I’d say it’s an age thing, but…

Back where it should be, over the the water, and with one of the terraces back, with a slight mod

Anyway, that’s been the case with the “Fallingwater” build. In pulling it out of inventory, I decided (stupidly) that I didn’t want to make a huge number of changes to the island – despite the fact the grounds already included a stream fed by a waterfall. So I moved the house to the waterfront, made my changes and then wrote about things.

And then the thoughts of house, waterfall; waterfall, house, started circling between my ears. So, to cut a long story short, I’ve ended up flattening and rebuilding the home island, placing the house so that it could once again stand with waters dropping from an upland pool to flow, as they should, under the front terraces  before dropping away and out into the surrounding waters of Second Norway.

The TLG Chapel Ruins – a little night-time retreat, statue via ArtemisGreece and the plants via Alex Bader’s Zen Garden Kit

I’m not going to bang on about all the changes, suffice it to say that I think that this time, I think I’ve got the balance right; the house looks a lot better – I’ve even found a reason to put one back of the terraces I hacked out. The changes meant shunting the Chapel Ruins from their hilltop setting to the waterfront, but a little bit of terrain pounding means it can sit on a little headland next to the new moorings. But rather than prattle on, I’ll leave some photographic self-indulgence here.

But, any echoes of muttering you hear when looking at these pictures is probably the sound of me calling myself names for not having re-ordered things from the get-go, saving me more fiddling and an excess of blogging. Because sometimes, it’s really better to wait 🙂 .

The waterfalls may not be as high as those at the actual Fallingwater, but they work
And one more, just because 🙂