Sundvik’s touch of rural Norway in Second Life

Sundvik, August 2021 – click any image for full size

Update, August 30th: well, that was a little embarrassing. It appears that within 24 hours of this piece seeing the light of day, Sundvik was removed / closed / flattened as a result of an overdue land rent payment. SLurl removed to prevent accidental drownings!

Occupying half a Homestead region, Sundvik is a setting designed by Zaffy Kiyori Bailey (Zaffy Kiyori) that is intended to offer “a quiet Norwegian-inspired” location open for photography, exploration and relaxation.

This is an engaging build, one that can probably be understood in terms of general layout in less time that it takes to describe it via the written word – but which still offers a lot to take in.

Sundvik, August 2021

The southern end of the setting sits a low rectangle of of land on which sits a small corner of a town – the kind of space you might imagine has been built out from the base of a fjord to make living space. The the south side of this land offers wooden moorings with local fishing boats coming alongside. Given this is a Scandinavian setting, the Cape Cod ad on the side of a waterfront shed might seem a little odd – but perhaps that’s just a local advertiser’s sense of fun.

Houses and places of business sit on this finger of land, and while some might appear to be private, a sign on the corner of the cobbles road provides the assurance than they are all open to the public and can be visited. All are fairly modest in size, with the exception of the converted warehouse at one end of the street, an outdoor café.

Sundvik, August 2021

To the north, the waters appear to be shallower in nature going by the rocks that raise their heads above the waves and the lighthouse standing guard over them and the foam-created water. A buoy marks a single channel though the waters to further moorings, these the home of rowing boats and canoes rather than fishing boats.

A low bridge angles across these northern waters to reach a single large island, a hut raised on stout wooden legs sitting atop it. This elevates the deck on which it stands to make way for a set of tanks below – tanks which may hold the fuel for heaters that serve the hot tub on the deck itself, and possibly the gas fire inside the hut – although admittedly, they seem a little big for either purpose.

Sundvik, August 2021

This is a genteel setting with plenty of opportunities for avatar photography in particular, although there is also much to offer those who enjoy landscape photography as well. This attractiveness is enhanced by the fact all of the houses are furnished, adding to the sense that this is a living coastal town, a place removed from the bustle of major urban areas and offering a have of escape for those who can find their way too it.

With thanks to Shawn Shakespeare for the landmark!

Sundvik, August 2021

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