Kultivate May-June Show in Second Life

Windlight Gallery

Opening on Sunday, May 6th, 2018 is the Kultivate Magazine’s Windlight Art Gallery May-June exhibition, featuring art by fifteen Second Life artists and photographers.

The first gallery to be opened by Kultivate, run by John and Eleseren Brianna, the Windlight Gallery offers new and established SL artist the opportunity to display their work, with applications periodically available through the Kultivate website around two months ahead of each exhibition period.

Windlight Gallery May-June Exhibition

As a voluntary exhibition space, Windlight Gallery always brings together a range of talent and subject matter, which can span both Second Life and the physical world. As such, it is a veritable melting pot of photography and art, and an excellent opportunity to gain familiarity with the work of artists and photographers who may not exhibit their work that widely in Second Life, as well as some of the more well-known names from SL’s panoply of artistic expression.

Those participating in the May-June exhibition are: Pam Astonia, Sandi Benelli, John Brianna, ByrneDarkly Cazalet, Slatan Dryke, Syphera Inaka, Virtual Insanity, Lena Kiopak, Kody Meyers, Inara Pey, Kapaan Resident, Ladmilla Resident, Reycharles Resident, Neoma Vasilia and Freedom Voix.

Windlight Gallery May-June Exhibition

From Second Life landscapes and avatar studies, through artistic interpretations of SL landmarks and art exhibits to pieces verging on the abstract, as well as stunning black-and-white photography from the physical world, the May-June exhibition offers one of the richest mixes of art and photography I’ve witnessed, and my thanks to John and Brianna for the opportunity to participate alongside some of the true exponents of Second Life art.

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