Cica at Paris Metro in Second Life

Paris Metro Gallery: Cica Ghost

Cica Ghost is widely known for her 3D art installations – which I always find a joy to blog about. Within many of her installations visitors will often find little two-dimensional stick figures, often animated. While perhaps less well-known to many more recent appreciators  of art in Second Life, is that these two-dimensional pieces are very much a part of Cica’s Art, and have formed central parts of past exhibitions she has displayed in-world.

A reminder of this can currently be found at the Paris Metro Art Gallery, which is hosting a modest but charming exhibition of Cica’s work, 2D and 3D. On display are five of Cica’s 2D art elements, four of them her wonderful stick figure characters: three framed, and the fourth to be seen riding his bicycle along one wall, appearing and disappearing at either end of the barn-like setting for the exhibition.

Paris Metro Gallery: Cica Ghost

Also on offer are several of the quirky (and fun) little vehicles Cica often provides within her 3D installations so that visitors can drive around in them.

The first of these – and one of my favourites – is the catomobile from 50 Cats (see here for more), just inside the gallery’s front entrance and sitting with the 2D art.beyond the dividing wall are six more of the vehicles, with the Catomobile, BirdCar and MouseCar offered as drivable models for pootling around the exhibition space. As well as these, the exhibition has elements visitors my recognised from installations such as the metals girders seen in the likes of Bird People (see here).

Paris Metro Gallery: Cica Ghost

This is small, uncomplicated exhibition, and a great introduction to Cica’s art for those unfamiliar with her larger exhibitions, and a great reminder of her past work for those who are.

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