Events in Sansar, 2018 week #10

Courtesy of Linden Lab

A critique oft levelled at Sansar is there while it looks very nice, there is little to actually do. To a degree, given the state of the platform’s interactive capabilities, this is true; compared to Second Life, Sansar is still very limited in terms of providing people with things to do – but this is gradually changing (see my Product Meeting report for Wednesday, February 28th for more on plans to increase interactive capabilities in Sansar).

However, one of the things that Sansar is already enjoying is a strong and growing range of social activities which are open to anyone wishing to participate. So, if you are curious about Sansar, and want to learn more about it, trying the platform’s social calendar can be a good place to start. These are displayed in both the Web and Client versions of the Atlas.

To help get you started, here’s a summary of Sansar events for week #10 2018 (Monday, March 5th through Sunday, March 11th, 2018). If popular, I’ll run this as a weekly series.


  • The times given here are all PST (the default Sansar time) however, times given in the Atlas are given in your own local time, so times / dates may appear to be at variance to those quoted here.
  • Be aware that voice chat is the preferred – but not exclusive – means of communication at many of these events.

Community Meet-ups

Sansar community meet-ups are social gatherings where almost anything is open to discussion and which may be associated activities.

Meet-up are held between 14:00-15:00 at the following venues:

Try your hand at 10-pin bowling at a Community Meet-up

Product Meetings

Product Meetings are twice-weekly opportunities for Sansar users to discuss Sansar’s development with members of Sansar’s Product Team and specialists working on specific aspects of the platform. This week the topic for both meetings is: events in Sansar.

Twitch TV Events

  • Thursday, March 8th 19:00-20:00: Geek and Sundry Lounge – watch livestreams from the Geek & Sundry Twitch channel. Today: dungeons and Dragons.
  • Friday, March 9th
    • 14:00-16:00: Chess TV Lounge –  watch John Urschel, ex-NFL star and current MIT mathmetician, makes moves towards becoming a chess master via the Twitch Chess TV channel.
    • 17:00-18:00: Joy of Painting – on the Bob Ross Twitch channel.

Hover Derby

Hover Derby is Sansar’s first competitive team sport. Training and practice sessions are held 5 days a week, with newcomers welcome. The first official game day is scheduled for April 1st, 2018.

Other Events

  • Wednesday, March 7th, 17:00-18:00: Marvelous Designer Workshop – a hands-on workshop on clothing making in Sansar using Marvelous Designer (MD), with members of the MD team.
  • Thursday, March 8th, 17:00-17:30: Sansar Top 5 -Mars! – a livestream event with Sam and Boden Linden, who explore  Sansar via VR. This week – living on Mars.
  • Saturday, March 10th, 19:00-21:00: Red Bull Crashed Ice – watch the heart-pounding finale of this downhill ice skating championship and the Sansar Origin Cinema.

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