Patankar’s peace in Second Life

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Patankar is one of those places to which we all want to escape every once in a while. A corner of the world where worries and needs can be forgotten, and you can lose yourself in the landscape, wandering where you will, or idle on a sandy beach, or sit and watch the local wildlife and livestock while your mind wanders wherever it likes.

Designed by  Dama (Damatjo Magic) and Alex Broxy (FullD2), Patankar is a beautifully conceived homestead region, the majority of which is open to the public to explore and appreciate. The only exception is a private home in then north-west corner of the region which is off-limits to causal visitors.


There doesn’t appear to be a set landing point (although the pier has a welcome mat / group joiner), and the landmark I’d been passed dropped Caitlyn and I neatly towards the south-east corner of the region, where a board walk snakes its way from dusty track and along the edge of a beach to where a small stream tumbles over rocks the reach the open sea. Curving around the south-western sides of the island, the beach offers little places to sit, both out in the sun and under canvas shade, separated from the rest of the land by two scrawny hillocks.

A little further northwards, between the beach and the private residence, there sits the long finger of the aforementioned pier, pointing out to sea and reached by a broad set of wooden steps. Not far away, the island’s dusty track meanders past before turning sharply inland. Follow it, and you’ll quickly reach a T-junction – one of several which split the track as it weaves across the island. The left fork of this particular junction points the way to a Tuscan-style farmhouse, while to the right, a wooden bridge spans the stream before the track forks again.


A second small farmstead sits near one arm of the track as it curls back to the stream and another bridge. Horses graze in a small paddock next to the tin-roofed farmhouse, a tractor parked and waiting close by. Behind the farmhouse the land rises sharply into a rugged hill, the abode of goats but with a path winding up through it. Those willing to take the hike along it can be rewarded with time in a hot air balloon; those less inclined to make their way to the peak will find several places to sit down and take in the scenery along the way – although the view from the peak really is worth the effort!

Sitting in the lee of the hill stands a wooded copse, blankets spread on the ground or on tree stump, awaiting those seeking rest. Not too far away, a little dock offers a view eastwards out over the sea, and more places to sit.


And even with all this, the region still has more to offer – such as the little island to the north-east, or the stepping-stones criss-crossing the small lake to the south, where an upturned rowing boat leans on its prop to offer a secluded snuggle spot beside the water. In fact, wherever you roam, you’re bound to find places to sit and relax, and cuddle or chat, such is the welcome to be found throughout the region.

Complete with an appropriate sound scape, Patankar is a genuine delight – yes, there is the odd tree and bank levitating very slightly above the ground, but these don’t change the fact that the region has been put together with a considerable amount of love; nor do they make it any the less photogenic. This is very much a place to be visited, savoured, and enjoyed.


SLurl Details

  • Patankar (Family Dreams, rated: Moderate)