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Re-printed from the Filling the Cauldron blog.

Filling the Cauldron – our week-long fund-raiser between April 1st and April 9th, aiming to raise money to help Second Life creator Elicio Ember and his family -is NOW OPEN!!

Elicio Ember

Elicio is one of SL’s brilliant creators and a gifted artist. He’s known for his highly imaginative plants and fantasy designs provided through his Cerridwen’s Cauldron brand, and for his generous spirit and his involvement in charitable events such as Fantasy Faire.

Recently, Elicio’s father suffered a major stroke, leaving Elicio and his sisters facing significant and unexpected medical expenses after learning the insurance provided by his father’s employer does not provide cover for the care and rehabilitation he now needs. You can read more on his family’s situation in this letter from him to his friends.

So Filling the Cauldron is our chance to reflect Elicio’s huge heart and generous spirit by raising funds to help meet those medical expenses. We hope you’ll help us by feeding the donation kiosk here and those through the event area, and help to Fill the Cauldron with us!

And don’t forget! As well as the music and entertainment, we have more to see and do: there’s a marketplace with 20 creators, an art display, two auctions with some really fantastic items, a garden display – just follow the signs and use the Teleport HUD available for the givers on either side of this deck and take a look around – and be sure to come back through the week!

So what do we have to offer? A lot! Every day we’re inviting you to:

  • Come browse the marketplace and see what our merchants are offering, including special items with 100% of proceeds going to help Elicio and his family. Catch a list of our merchants.
  • See the silent auction boards and the fabulous items we have up for grabs, donated by some of the top talent in Second Life. See our full auction list.
  • Wander the art displays and revisit Elicio’s builds from the past and enjoy the art of noted Fantasy Faire photographers and our artists.
  • Hop to the Garden Design platform and view the creations by those who entered our Garden Design contest, then cast you vote for your favourite design!
  • Visit Cerridwen’s Corner and grab yourself some of Elicio’s fabulous designs and creations!
  • Join in with the dancing, singing and fun on our entertainment stage – see the day’s schedule below, and check the event calendar for more!

Take a look at the Saturday entertainment line-up

Everything is taking place at Hollykai Park (SLurl), generously donated for the event by Nber Medici and MarkTwain White of Hollywood Real Estate – so if you are looking to own land around the Blake Sea, with loads of opportunities for sailing, boating and flying – look them up!

To help you find your way around Filling the Cauldron, we have a series of teleport station where you can used map-based teleport, or you can claim a Filling the Cauldron telport HUD – which we recommend. The HUD will attach to your screen and ask to take teleport permissions – simply grant this, and then click the numbers on the HUD map to hop around all our locations – and even get to Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Elicio’s main store!

The Filling the Cauldron Teleport Maps – grab the HUD from the vendor under them (arrowed), and get around all the event locations even easier!

Our Merchants have been fabulously generous in providing goods for sale with 100% of proceeds going to the event – just look for the vendors with the FTC logo over them.

The FTC vendors – just look for the logo, and right-click PAY or BUY (depending on your viewer menu)

We’ll be talking more about merchants in the week – as we will about our artists as well, who have pulled together wonderful display of art celebrating Elicio’s work and Fantasy Faire, while John Brianna has generously donated a selection of his outstanding art for sale – all the pieces offered through Filling the Cauldron vendors, so 100% of all sales go to the cause!

There will also be posts about our line-up of entertainment through the week as well, and plenty of new about our auctions, which you are not going to want to miss.

So do drop by the event, keep an eye on this website and blog and do please help us to fill the cauldron for Elicio! Regular update on the amount donated will be given, and we’ll be publishing a breakdown of the totals after we close.

Event SLurls

Holly Kai Park is rated Moderate.