Filling the Cauldron: the closing weekend in Second Life

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On Saturday, April 1st, we launched Filling the Cauldron to help friend and Second Life creator Elicio Ember and his family deal with their father’s medical situation (read more here and here). Since then, we’ve had a wonderful response from people who have taken the time to visit the event in-world, shop at the marketplace, bid on auction items, explore our nine amazing gardens, enjoy the art display and join in with the entertainment and music.

Filling the Cauldron draws to a close on Sunday, April 9th, and we’re bowing out with more entertainment and a final opportunity for you to visit and perhaps donate.  Should you opt to visit, here’s a break down of what is on offer.

The Marketplace

Filling the Cauldron Marketplace

Nineteen merchants rallied to the cause, offering fantasy, medieval and period clothing, accessories, avatars and furnishings for sale – and more besides. All of them have been exceptionally generous to us, offering far beyond the minimum of one item for sale at 100% of proceeds to Filling the Cauldron.

Our list of merchants comprises: AlruniaAhn – Lilith’s Den; Chic Aeon – Chic Buildings; Sweetgwendoline Bailey – Sweet Revolutions; Alia Baroque – Fallen Gods;  MalkavynEldritch – Ozimals; EldowynInshan – United Ishcon; Krystal Iridescent – Xtal Designs; SearlaitNitschke – Roawenwood; Plato Novo – %percent; H0neyHeart Resident – Ladies’ Pleasure; Johannes1977 Resident – Mahlberg Tailors; Raydenrider Resident – Dogg Mata; Tylar Resident – Tylar’s Treasures; xxsyrenxx resident – Syren’s Song; Irina Strazytski – Poet’s Heart; KerrythTarantal – Spyralle; TayrenTheas – Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions; Lunar Tripsa – Lunar’s Seasonal Designs; ShakiraAlexandra – Celtic Myst.

Filling the Cauldron: the limited edition Ozimal bunny and puffling celebrating Elicio Ember and exclusive to Filling the Cauldron. Read more

business has been steady throughout the week, and there are some very special items on offer, such as the limited edition Elico Ozimals, exclusive to Filling the Cauldron, and which you can read about here. So don’t miss a chance to come by and appreciate all that is on offer through the stalls and gacha machines.

And don’t forget, as well as visiting our merchants, you can also visit Cerridwen’s Corner, and purchase Elicio’s own creations directly!

The Auctions

Two auctions will be running over the weekend – out Silent Auction which has been running through the week, and our Live Auction, which will be held between 10:00am and 12:00 noon on Sunday, April 9th, which features some pretty amazing items, generously donated by so many. See the FTC auction overview for more.

Your choice of THREE Gachas from MadPea
TLG Ballroom Fountain

All Titan Avatars - Free the Cute!
Landscape 1 by Elicio Ember
Watercolour and Ink on Cotton Paper 23 cm x 30 cm / 9 in x 12 in

EE Real Horse Bespoke Experience Rental
The Night Theater will create a special dance for you!

The Sky Gardens

I’ve already blogged about the nine fabulous sky gardens built on a platform high above the main Filling the Cauldron events area. However, if you’ve not already done so, I urge you to visit them: they are incredible creations and deserve to be seen and enjoyed. Each is unique and offers a wonder space in which to relax, contemplate and rest. Saturday, April 8th also marks the last opportunity you’ll have to vote on the gardens as a part of a competition which will see one of the nine win the opportunity to be displayed at the upcoming Home and Garden Expo.

Sky Gardens, Filling the Cauldron – click any image for full size

Art Show

The Filling the Cauldron Art Show is an exhibition by a mix of Invited and Guest artists, with a focus on Elicio’s creation from past Fantasy Faire events. The art is displayed in the main event area, close to the auction and marketplace, and you can find out more about the artists and their work on the Filling the Cauldron Blog.

Filling the Cauldron: Art Show

The Entertainment! The Stories! The Dance!

Of course, we have more entertainment for you on Saturday April 8th, and Sunday April 9th as well, with lots of music from the DJs who have been supporting us throughout the week.  You can find the details by following the links above. However, there are two highlights for Saturday I’d particularly like to bring to your attention.

Fantastic Tales with Seanchai Library takes place at 1:00pm on Saturday, April 8th and features 1 hours of fabulous fantasy storytelling live in voice at the Filling the Cauldron Story Circle. Just follow the path from the event Welcome Area, turn off the music stream (if you’re listening) and enable Voice to listen to the stories (please keep any microphone you have closed).

Filling the Cauldron Story Circle

Then at 3:00pm, the Monarch Dance Troupe presents Amnesia especially for Filling the Cauldron, at the event main stage. ”

allow us to invite you to join us on a trip along our twisting memory lane! 6 very different dance performances, with original builds, choreography and a wide assortment of music take you back and forwards, up and down in time. Our time. The Monarchs’ time. To a distant past and a hopefully not so distant future. If that is not incentive enough to join us…Consider this: There will be unicorns, giant robots, girl power, magic pianos and a new spin to a classic tale…and dragons!”


So – do please join us at Filling the Cauldron this weekend; we’ve a lot to offer, and the cause is a worthy one!

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