February at The Edge in Second Life

The Edge
The Edge

Saturday, January 28th, 2017 marks the formal opening of the latest exhibition at The Edge gallery, curated by Eleseren Brianna. The Edge is the fashion division of Kultivate Magazine, with a focus on the artistic and cultural side of fashion in both Second Life and the physical world.

Taking part in the exhibition are:  Delypop Cresci, Calima Dufaux, Hikaru Enimo, Algezares Magic, Ruby Ornamental, Apocketfullofbutterflies Resident, Khronoz Resident, Beatrice Serendipity, and Catalina Staheli. Layka63 Resident had also been scheduled to exhibit, but having been absent for more than a week, Eleseren has had to offer a selection of her own work for display.

The Edge
The Edge

The majority of the pieces on display across the gallery’s three levels are avatar studies, although some are given an added twist in that they are by some recognisable names from the world of Second Life modelling. The range of styles within the exhibition is varied, and the contrasts between approaches to subject matter and framing making for an interesting point of examination of the pictures and artists as one progresses through the gallery.

However, that said, I admit to being somewhat biased when it come to art; I much prefer images which suggest a narrative or offer the imagination licence to take flight. Static poses bereft of a deeper connection tend to have me passing over them perhaps a little too quickly, and I did find this to be the case at times with this exhibit.

The Edge
The Edge

But where I did find that narrative / challenge to the imagination, I found it to be strongly evoked, to the extent that I was drawn back, and into, to the work of some of the artists over and again, making this a rewarding visit that had my camera – and eyes – lingering as grey cell cogitated and reflected.

The February exhibition officially opens at 14:00 SLT on Saturday, January 28th, with a live music performance by Dimivan Ludwig. Formal dress is requested.

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