Yasminia: pastoral peace in Second Life

Yasminia; Inara Pey, September 2016, on Flickr Yasminia – click any image for full size

“The plan was to close it, but I don’t mind people coming to see it really,” Busta (BadboyHi) says of Yasminia, his homestead region. He’d originally opened it to public access for a limited time, the original intention being to close at the end of August. However, When I dropped in recently, it was still accesible and Busta indicated there was no immediate plan to close. “So yes, you are welcome to come see :)”, he told me.

I’d actually come across Yasimina via Loverdag’s fabulous photos of the region back in August, and dropped in shortly before the end of the month to have a look around for myself. I didn’t blog then because of the word it would be closing. However, Following Busta’s confirmation, I jumped back for another explore and a round of picture-taking.

Yasminia; Inara Pey, September 2016, on Flickr Yasminia

This is a simple pastoral region, offering a landscape idea for wandering and escaping the world and which rolls from rocky hills to low-lying pastures cut by waterlogged land and channels spanned by wooden bridges; a place where trees offer shade from the sun and rutted tracks lead the visitor onwards and the air is vibrant with nature’s many sounds.

A farmhouse sits on a ledge of rocky land on the east side of the region, where the sails of a windmill turn in a gentle breeze, and ducks, geese and chickens wander the grassy yard. Down a path and a track from here – visitors have a choice of routes – fields sit alongside the calm waters, horses grazing contentedly. A tractor is parked to one side of the tracks, speaking to this being very much a working farm.

Yasminia; Inara Pey, September 2016, on Flickr Yasminia

A footpath to one side of the tractor offers the way down between fences and onward over a small bridge to where apples are being plucked from their trees. A second bridge – this one of stone – then provides the means to reach a little gathering of chairs and sofas at the water’s edge – a place, perhaps, where those from the farm come to sit at the end of a long day’s work. It is one of several little posts visitors might find in their wanderings where they might sit and rest, and if so minded, enjoy a little cuddle.

The beauty of Yasminia is in its simplicity; beyond the farm, the region lies uncluttered with signs of living, yet has enough to offer the curious or those seeking a place to relax with a friend. The trees grow tall, the cuddle spots are widely separated to ensure some privacy, and the footpaths and tracks make for an amiable walk, accompanied by the region’s soft, natural sound scape as the surrounding hills beyond the region give it a feeling of intimacy.

Yasminia; Inara Pey, September 2016, on Flickr Yasminia

The region has a neutral windlight, but the design is such that it offers itself to most settings with equal beauty, making it an ideal location for photography, as I hope my efforts here show, all of which were intentionally taken using a different preset, suitably adjusted.

Many thanks to Busta for offering his creation for us all to enjoy – and a belated happy rezday as well!

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