VOB viewer reaches release status in Second Life

secondlifeOn Thursday, September 15th, the Lab promoted the Visual Outfits Browser (VOB) as the de facto release viewer, version:

For those who missed my coverage of this viewer when it reached RC status, and simply put, the VOB viewer allows you to use the Appearance floater to capture / upload / select images of your outfits and save them against the outfits in a new Outfit Gallery tab within the floater.

The new Outfits Gallery tab (right-click your avatar > select My Appearance > Outfits Gallery) displays all of your created outfits as a series of folder icons, each one displaying the name of the outfit beneath it. You can replace these icons with an image of the outfit quickly and easily in one of three ways:

  • You can wear the outfit, then right-click on its associated folder icon and select Take a Snapshot (shown above left). This will open the snapshot floater with save to inventory selected by default, allowing you to photograph yourself wearing the outfit and upload the image to SL, where it automatically replaces the folder icon for the outfit
  • You can use Upload Photo to upload an image of the outfit your previously saved to your hard drive, and have it replace the folder icon
  • You can use Select Photo to select any image previously saved to your inventory (including any image supplied with the outfit in question, if appropriate), and use that to replace the folder icon for the outfit.
The Visual Outfits Browser viewer is another of the forthcoming updates mentioned in the official blog post, and you can read my overview as well
The new Outfit Gallery tab in the Visual Outfit Browser allows you to create photos of any outfits saved to My Outfits as thumbnails. You can then use the Appearance floater to scan your outfits to decide what to wear, and use the context menu to wear the one you want

When using the capability there are a number of points to keep in mind:

  • Both the Take a Snapshot and the Upload Photo options will incur the L$10 upload fee, with the images themselves saved in your Textures folder
  • In all three cases, link to the original images are placed in the outfit folder
  • This approach only works for outfits you’ve created using the Appearance floater / the Outfits tab. It doesn’t work for any other folders where you might have outfits – such is the Clothing folder.

Overall, it would seem that the VOB viewer has received favourable feedback by many of those who have used it during its time as a release candidate viewer. I confess, I cannot offer any real feedback, as I actually don’t used the Outfits folder that much. However, with its arrival as the de facto release viewer, expect to be seeing it in more TPVs (those which haven’t already adopted the code) as they continue to update.

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Revenland: fantasy / medieval role-play in Second Life

Revenland: the castle and town
Revenland: the castle and town

Content creator and friend Cube Republic – who is responsible for some superb plants and landscaping kits  – pointed Caitlyn and I towards a fantasy / medieval role-play region he’s been helping out with, and which is open to the public although still under development.

Set no later than the 15th century, Revenland offers a rich environment for role-play utilising a variety of races  – although there are some constraints on what is and isn’t allowed within the information pack available in the skyborne arrival area. Largely the work of littlenixie, the region represents the continuation of an idea which initially started in AOL before moving to the immersive spaces offered by Second Life.

Revenland: Revenland Forest
Revenland: Revenland Forest

The region itself is divided into two primary areas: the human-controlled castle and town of Redfoem, together with the Ter’li Fields, separated from the rest of the region by a wooden palisade. Beyond these lies Revenland Forest, home to non-human characters, regarded as a bandits by humans, and the Undercity, home to underground dwellers. Mention is also made of the Honeysuckle Falls – which I think can be found towards the centre of the region – and the Lost City of Lava, which is part of the work-in-progress along with some of the underground areas, as region Admin inboccaallupo informed me:

[They’re] a work in progress. The Undercity is something that will be for a faction and come back new and improved build wise. While some things are a bit more for events, such as the catacombs are on sim and accessible but highly dangerous for the time being, and thus would require a skirmish or group to enter in order to stay safe. Nixie is constantly building her own mesh to update, improve, and bring a more unique look to the sim.

The backstory offers insight into the region and role-play here.

In the past there was a rift between humans and other species, as well as the magical arts. Certain territories (Redfoem, Ter’li Fields) are human-controlled, meaning any who do not look or act human or display magical abilities will be run off, tortured, perhaps even killed (this is up to you). However, don’t expect to stroll into these territories and have nothing bad happen if your character does not seem to fit in with the townspeople.

Like-wise, humans might be ill-received in certain other territories on land, such as in the Undercity.

Revenland: Redfoem
Revenland: Redfoem

Non-humans wishing to pass safely within the human areas are advised to either shape-shift into human form, or find an alchemist who can furnish them with a transformation potion. Combat may also form a part of game play; where it does, it is dice-driven rather than metered, although free-form combat is also permissible by mutual agreement. A 1d100 dice HUD is provided in the information pack for most combat situations, together with guidelines on character creation and general rules – the latter of which as noted as being fluid, so as not to stifle developing RP and stories.

If the number of areas within the region seem to be a lot, you needn’t worry about things feeling crowded; such is the design, everything fits together at ground level to leave a good feeling of open space to Revenland. This is greatly assisted by the merging of the region with a mountainous sim surround. So effective is this, that is possible to walk up to the region boundary without realising and then find yourself bouncing off of it whilst trying to continue onwards!

Revenland: Revenland Forest - bandit territoy!
Revenland: Revenland Forest – bandit territory!

Good use is also made of space both above and below ground. Some areas where this occurs may be obvious, others less so, thus demanding people spend time exploring – although again, those in character had best do so with cautious, depending on their race and where they are!

Visitors to the region who do not wish to participate in any ongoing role-play are asked to wear the Observer tag, which is available in the information pack and via the packing crates at the teleport points. Other than this, and a request that they don’t engage in local cha to disrupt and role-play, visitors have a free hand in exploring the region – but do keep in mind there are places available for rent which may be people’s private homes.

For those seeking a new medieval / fantasy RP environment, Revenland might be just the place to hop over to and tour.

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