Windows 10 OpenGL issue affecting some Second Life users

win10-logoUpdated, October 7th: AMD and Nividia have released drivers which should hopefully address this issue. See the comment from Lee McKay (below), and my article here.

In August, Microsoft issued their Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which result in some problems for users around the world, notable with the operating system locking-up or freezing (see this Reddit thread as an example).

As a result of the issues, Microsoft issued a series of hotfixes and updates, culminating in a Cumulative Update KB3176938.

However, since its release on August 31st, 2016, KB3176938 has given rise to renewed Windows 10 / OpenGL issues  which are impacting a number of games – and also impacting Second Life.

Whirly Fizzle has raised a JIRA on the problems – BUG-37795 (based on a Firestorm filing by Vicky Aura (FIRE-20034). The issue is intermittent, but when encountered, results in exceptionally low FPS rates (on the order of 1 or 2 fps). The issue tended to occur when moving focus away from Second Life to another running application, and then switching back. Whirly reports that on some systems this problem is intermittent but on other systems it will reproduce after the viewer has lost focus for the first time in a session.

The issue has also been raised on the Microsoft forums by Firestorm developer Ansariel Hiller – but do note, the issues is not related just to the use of Firestorm, other SL viewers can be affected.

Currently, if you are a Windows 10 user and being hampered by this issue, the only known workaround is to uninstall KB3176938. Again, as Whirly points out in the JIRA, How To Geek provides instructions on how to do this – and please refer to the comment from Torric below, when doing so.

Again, please note this is not a Second Life problem, it is an issue within Windows 10 affecting assorted applications and games using OpenGL.

With thanks to Whirly Fizzle.

A frosted Vintage Romance in Second Life

Vintage Romance; Inara Pey, September 2016, on Flickr Vintage Romance – click any image for full size

Vintage Romance, designed by Britain Leigh Knave (Britain Knave), her partner, Marcus Knave (Marcus688) and Nïc Bour  (NicBor), is a place almost literally caught in time, a reflection of the moment at which the coming together of two hearts in love is forever frozen in Timeless Love.

At first glance a near-monochrome, frosted world, Vintage Romance presents visitors with a land of rocky islets sitting over freezing waters and beneath cloud-laden skies. Trees stand with boughs glistening in hoar-frost and wooden bridges span the cold, still waters. However, despite the cold look, this is a place with much to attract the eye and the camera and offers a romantic warmth.

Vintage Romance; Inara Pey, September 2016, on Flickr Vintage Romance

The region has a distinctly west-east orientation, offering something of a narrative around the idea of love and marriage. Visitors arrive on the west side, where the bride’s limousine is parked. From here, the route points eastwards, passing a frozen fountain and under arches of frosted boughs to a small table on which sit bouquets, candles, what might be an order of ceremony book, a camera and photos of a newly wed couple.

Beyond this little tableau, reminding us of the wedding act, the path splits, leftward, across a wooden bridge, lies a reception area with set ready for music, guests and dancing, and completed by a place of honour for the bride and groom. Meanwhile, the remaining path, also spanning the waters on a trestle bridge, leads to the place where the wedding ceremony itself is held.

Vintage Romance; Inara Pey, September 2016, on Flickr Vintage Romance

Open to the sky, wooden doors guard the entrance, a further arched tunnel of trees beyond leading to guest seating and the altar. More trees, trunks bent as with time, line either side of this rocky place, standing as sentinels watching over proceedings – or perhaps as the columns of nature’s church, delicate net curtains draped from their boughs.

Linking these two  – place of ceremony and place of celebration – are further wooden bridges suspended beneath white balloons, the waters between the two islets and the suspending bridges home to Mistero Hifeng’s che ci importa del mondo (we care about the world), a very visual expression of love and cherishing another.

Vintage Romance; Inara Pey, September 2016, on Flickr Vintage Romance

Around these major locations there is much more to be seen. A (tracked) steam train sits to one side of the region, the cab plushly arranged, a “just married” sign hanging from its safety rail, all suggestive of happy couples heading off to honeymoons in romantic locations (in this case, Paris). Also to be found are places to sit and vignettes telling other aspects of that special day.

Whether you’re a romantic at heart or looking for a location just that little bit different from other places you may have visited, whether for photographs or simply to enjoy, Vintage Romance has much to offer visitors. Those who do visit and take photos are asked to share them in the Vintage romance Flickr group.

Vintage Romance; Inara Pey, September 2016, on Flickr Vintage Romance

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