Project Espeon: Experience enabled sits in Second Life

Experience scripted force sits - a new project from the Lab (image courtesy of Linden Lab)
Experience scripted force sits – a new project from the Lab (image courtesy of Linden Lab)

Update: thanks to the efforts of one or more juveniles defacing the orginial, the proposal – originally referred to as a Google document in this article – has been converted to PDF format, and this article has been updated to reflect that fact, and how those with a genuine interest in the proposed capabilities can forward ideas and suggestions to the Lab.

Since the introduction of Experience Keys into Second Life to allow more convenient granting of permissions for the system to act on an avatar’s behaviour when engaged on a specific activity – such as a game or a tour – a commonly requested item has been the ability to for scripted forced sits to be made a part of the Experience process.

On Thursday, September 22nd, during the Server Beta user group meeting, Rider Linden announced he is working on just this capability – and that test regions are available on Aditi for Experience creators to test the capability as it stands.

The new LSL functions for Experience-enabled scripted forced sits form Project Espeon (after the Pokémon character). Rider has produced a proposal document on the new functionality, which can be read  in PDF format, which he introduces as follows:

With the advent of Experiences Keys we would like to be able to allow scripts being run as part of an experience to force an avatar to sit in a particular location.  This feature will be useful in an adventure game scenario where an avatar is forced to sit in a trap so that it may sync its animations with the avatar, or in an amphitheatre or classroom situation where a presenter wishes for all the other participants to remain seated.

We will add at least one new LSL script function that will force an avatar to sit on a particular prim and make adjustments to the existing llUnSit() function to perform the counter action.  

Within the document, Rider outlines the current APIs and functions related to sitting (llLinkSitTarget()llSitTarget()llSetSitText()llAvatarOnLinkSitTarget()llAvatarOnSitTarget() and llUnSit() ) which by affected by the new capability, before proposing a new series of APIs and behaviour changes to make Experience scripted sitting possible. At the time of writing this article, these new capabilities comprise:

  • llSitOnLink( )  – Function: integer llSitOnLink( key agent_id, integer link ); – mimic the behaviour of the rightclick “Sit Here” menu item.  The avatar specified by agent_id is forced to sit on the sit target of the prim indicated by the link parameter. If the specified link is already occupied the simulator will search down the chain of prims in the linkset looking for an available sit target, as per the diagram at the top of this article.
  • PRIM_ALLOW_UNSIT – to be added to llSetPrimitiveParams( ) – When set on a prim that is running a script as part of an experience an avatar that is seated on the sit target and has agreed to participate in the experience will be unable to stand, select another prim to sit on or teleport to another location in the same region (inter-regional teleports will act as normal).
  • PRIM_SCRIPTED_SITS_ONLY – to be added to llSetPrimitiveParams( ) – Agents may only be seated on this prim using llSitOnLink().  Attempts to do a manual sit will fail.  This flag applies even outside of an experience enabled region.
  • PRIM_SIT_TARGET – to be added to llSetPrimitiveParams( ) – The sit target if any defined for this prim.  If the active value is 0 the sit target is deactivated, if it is nonzero the prims sit target is set to the indicated offset and rotation. As with llLinkSitTarget(), these values relative to the prim, however unlike llLinkSitTarget() an offset of <0.0, 0.0, 0.0> may be explicitly set.

Note that the above is in summary only, please refer to the Google document for the complete specifics.

Test regions have been set-up on ADITI, the beta grid, and those interested in testing the capabilities should join the Second Life Beta group on Aditi for access. The test regions are: Leafeon or Umbreon or Sylveon, with test content is available on Leafeon. If you wish to have your own Experience added to the regions for testing, contact Rider via IM. Similarly, if you have any suggestions or ideas for improving the proposal document or the functions, should raise a JIRA.

With thanks to Whirly Fizzle.

Holly Kai Park: ready for a new season in Second Life

Holly Kai Park: the artists are preparing for the next exhibition
Holly Kai Park: the artists are preparing for the next exhibition

We’re ramping up for a new season of events at Holly Kai Park – there will be an announcement on the next Art at the Park exhibition, opening on the weekend of the 24th / 25th Sept, via the Hollykai blog very shortly – and there will be new events to follow it. In preparation, the last few days have been spent in making some final adjustments to the park’s layout, to ready it for everything we hope to be supporting.

Most notably for regulars to the USS regions by boat, and who may sail past Holly Kai, the Pavilion, our live events venue, has been relocated to the west side of the region, replacing the under-used beach front there. It now has dedicated moorings for boats, which include a 2-hour loiter time, and re-rezzing spots for boats if people sty longer.

Holly Kai Park: The Pavilion - relocated and ready for live events
Holly Kai Park: The Pavilion – relocated and ready for live events

Remember, the Pavilion is available for live music, charity and private events. We do not charge for using it, but simply request a donation to our adopted charity, Stand Up to Cancer. For information on booking, please see the Hollykai website, and the Pavilion booking form.

Moving the Pavilion has allowed us to introduce a new area to the Park: the Storyteller’s Circle. Located in the south-eat corner of the Park, Storyteller’s circle offers a circular path beneath fir trees, with places to sit and  a place to picnic. It is also a place which will offer special events in voice – story telling, workshops and more, when the central grassy circle will be converted for presentations and activities. We hope to kick things off at the circle with a special Halloween event!

Holly Kai Park: Storyteller's Circle
Holly Kai Park: Storyteller’s Circle

As a part of the changes, the rocky area and waterfalls have been removed so that there is even move of a natural flow across the park from one side to the other. New trails and tracks have been added, together with a few more secluded cuddle spots 🙂 .

If you’ve not visited Holly Kai Park recently (or at all) I hope that you’ll find time to do so. We’ve had a lot of fun revising things, and in adding bits here and there, and we’re looking forward to kicking-off an expanded series of events, with the weekly music at Caitinara Bar, the monthly Art at the Park events, complete with Stories at the Park, and the upcoming Voice events at the Storyteller’s circle!

SLurls to the major locations are below. Do please say hello if you happen to see one of us there when visiting – and please consider making a donation to Stand Up To Cancer via the donation boards located at key points in the Park.

Holly Kai Park: new trails
Holly Kai Park: new trails

Holly Kai Park SLurls

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