A distillery for artists with Whiskey galore in March

Dathúil - Whiskey Monday: Recently
Dathúil – Whiskey Monday: Recently

Dathúil, meaning “colourful”, “lovely” or “beautiful” in Irish (also dhathúil), is the name of a new art gallery in Second Life, which opened at the start of March 2015. Run by Max Butoh, the gallery is located on his region of Floris, which is also home to the 1920s themed The Sable Club and the more adult-oriented The Chamber Society (the main venue for which is located well above the ground level of the region).

The gallery is imaginatively presented within the cavernous hall of an old distillery, complete with three great copper whiskey stills towards the back of the hall, and unused whiskey barrels stacked around the room or used as part of the furnishings. Together, these add a suitable additional ambience to the gallery.

Whiskey Monday: Recently - Dathúil
Whiskey Monday: Recently – Dathúil

Dathúil will feature the work of invited artists, with exhibitions currently looking set to be on a monthly basis. Featured for the gallery’s debut month is none other than Whiskey Monday, (appropriately enough in some respects given the gallery’s theme and her name), who offers visitors Recently, a collection of her more recent pieces.

Those familiar with Whiskey’s work will know that her photography is generally an evocative, provocative, intimate and fascinating mix of observation, questions of identity and of self, and semi-autobiographical thoughts and illustrations.  Her art grew as a natural exploration of her self-expression through mediums such as writing and social media, and as a result of her being inspired by Botgirl Questi, who has also pushed the envelope in the use of social media tools and digital media as a means of self-expression and exploration of identity and self.

Whiskey Monday: Recently - Dathúil
Whiskey Monday: Recently – Dathúil

What is on offer within Dathúil is a further illustration of Whiskey’s work through a marvellous series of images, all beautifully composed in such a way the the observer is immediately drawn into each and every piece, most likely experiencing a sense of self-identity with the subject matter underlying many of them. Several of the pieces on display include the props used in their creation, adding a subtle degree of additional depth to each them.

All of the pieces on display are available for sale, and Whiskey’s work can also be obtained in the physical world, via Fine Art America, where the individual items on offer can be purchased in a variety of formats, complete with world-wide shipping, and which really are all quite superb.

Dathúil - Whiskey Monday: Recently
Dathúil – Whiskey Monday: Recently

With Recently forming its debut exhibition and set to run through until the end of March 2015, and with work by Yannick Whoa due to be displayed through the month of April, Dathúil is already establishing itself as an art venue of choice. With an entire themed region built around to it also explore, why not pay a visit yourself (donations toward keeping the gallery and venue open always welcome!), and explore a corner of the 1920s as well as enjoying the art on display?

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3 thoughts on “A distillery for artists with Whiskey galore in March

  1. It really is an incredible exhibition, and the gallery space really suits Whiskey’s work. She’s a great artist. Her work never ceases to fascinate me.


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