Art in The Living Room

The Living Room
The Living Room

The Living Room is a new art, performance and social venue  which will officially open its doors on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015, at 12:00 noon SLT.

“Daallee and I have wanted a little comfy place for a while,” Owl Dragonash, one of the two people behind The Living Room says of the venue. “A place to give back to the artists and musicians we love an appreciate.”

Spread across the upper two floors of a tall circular tower, The Living Room offers commanding views out over the region in which it sits. The lower floor offers room for people to sit and chat or, if there is a musician playing, to enjoy the music from the comfort of sofas and armchairs. A small art display area is also on this floor, although the main gallery space is the floor above.

Cica Ghost, Small Worlds, The Living Room
Cica Ghost, Small Worlds, The Living Room

For their début exhibition, Owl and Daallee are excited and pleased to have a small exhibition of pieces by Cica Ghost. And small really is the operative word here, as Cica has provides a set of of seven exquisite little dioramas entitled Small Worlds, and they are an absolute delight.

Each diorama is displayed within its own case, sitting atop a small stone plinth. Four of them represent the seasons of the year, while the remaining three present more general scenes, one of which art lovers may recognise as a miniature reproduction of Cica’s wonderful 2014 exhibition, Little Village, which I wrote about almost exactly a year ago.

Cica Ghost, Small Worlds, The Living Room
Cica Ghost, Small Worlds, The Living Room

And when I say “exquisite”, I do mean just that, these tiny models are beautifully crafted and rich in detail, so much so that they should be seen for themselves, rather then viewed through photographs.Take Little Village for example (see above). Not only has Cica reproduced her lovely and quirky little hilltop houses, when you look closely at them, you’ll see little cats sitting in the windows of some, a familiar Cica touch on several of her installations in the past.

Each of the models is available for sale at L$400 each for those who particularly drawn to having one at their SL home, and copies can be purchased via the little sign alongside each one, which also provides the LI for each piece as well, so you know precisely what you’re getting (the LIs range from 39 through to 135, depending on the complexity of each model).

Cica's models for Small Worlds really are tiny and beautifully detailed - The Living Room
Cica’s models for Small Worlds really are tiny and beautifully detailed – The Living Room

To celebrate the opening of The Living Room, the first live music event will feature The Vinnie Show, and Owl and Daallee have already lined-up further entertainment and events, including:

  • Thursday, March 12th: 17:00 – Mason Thorne; 18:00 – Whirli Placebo
  • Thursday March 26th: 11:00 – Small Worlds closing party, featuring Winston Auckland
  • Sunday March 29th: 17:00 – Rynanne’s Closet fashion show with music by Augusto Napoli.

An in-world group has also been created for those interested in keeping abreast of news on events occurring at the venue, and which can be joined via a subscription board on the lower floor. Owl and Daallee have also created a Flickr group where people can post their images of art and music events at The Living Room.

“We imagine The Living Room to be a welcoming hang out used to share Artists and Musicians creative talents with us our community and The SL community,” Owl and Daallee say of their new venue. “And don’t forget, The Living Room lives on Lagrange Point Spaceport sim, owned By Hippie Bowman, which has a full galaxy to explore, take the space taxi it is fun!”

So why not hop on over to The Living Room and enjoy some good music, wonderful art and friendly company – and take a tour of Lagrange Point while you’re there.

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