Misted waters, dream themes and nightmare scenes

oporuto, “”” oporuto””” (Flickr) – click any image for full size

“”” Oporuto “”” is one of those places in Second life that can defy definition. Designed by ダックスフンド (Dachshunds), this homestead region is a curious blending of intent and motifs. There is a small mall here, to be sure, offering avatars, household items and more from a number of creators; but finding it might take a little time, as there are curios visible on your arrival which offer distraction and demand investigation as you wade through the ankle-deep water, heavy with a blanket of low-lying mist.

Aside from the store area, ringed by trees and quite hidden from view behind ancient walls, four island-like areas present themselves to visitors, scattered between which are individual pieces of sculpture and other items that give the place something of a feel of being an art display.

oporuto, “”” oporuto””” (Flickr) – click any image for full size

There are dark elements to be found here; graveyards rise from the mist, shadowy forms floating through them, and cages and sharply-pointed instruments can be found. But so to are themes of love, and hints of fairy-tale memories.

Charm and menace can also be found intertwined, perhaps most noticeably through the tiny figure peeking through the window of a shattered house at an empty bed. Depending on one’s mood, the painted smile on the little face can at first give a poignant feel to the tableau before perhaps turning a little more sinister  – or can do exactly the reverse: first appear sinister and threatening before become gentler and more caring.

oporuto, “”” oporuto””” (Flickr) – click any image for full size

There are elements of whimsy to be discovered as well, such as with the oversized cats frolicking around a rowing boat with translucent fish. For those of a contemplative mood, and snowbound window opens out onto a warm summer sky from the pages of a fairytale book, offering a place for one to sit and ponder.

All told, this is a strange place, rich in imagery and not above odd little contradictions in tone, as noted. Rezzing is closed, but the opportunities for photography are many, although I would perhaps warn that there is a lot going on in places in terms of particle effects, etc., that I found my GTX660 labouring at times. Wandering the region is a little like wandering through a landscape shaded by the memories of dreams and nightmares; what can be found here might not appeal to everyone, but that doesn’t make it any the less captivating.

oporuto, “”” oporuto””” (Flickr)

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