Lab ask for assistance pinning down inventory loss issues

secondlifeOn Wednesday, February 11th, the Lab published a brief blog post seeking help from users in helping to pin-down issues related to inventory loss.

The post reads in full:

As we continue to improve Second Life, we’re looking into the issue of inventory loss. If you have experienced some form of inventory loss in the past 12 months – whether partial (such as a single object or subfolder), or full – please take a moment to share your answers via this quick survey.

Your answers will help provide our engineering team with information that will assist them as they make improvements to Second Life.

We greatly appreciate your time and want to thank you for responding to the survey.

The link will take respondents to a set of 7 questions covering when and how they might have suffered the loss of one or more items from their inventory, the kind of loss experienced (from single item through to their entire inventory, or the loss of a specific folder or items across multiple folders, etc.), details on their preferred viewer, etc.

These are then followed by an opportunity for users to supply any additional information related to their experiences with inventory they feel might be useful to the Lab, and an optional section which can be completed if users have no objection to the Lab contacting them for further information.

If you have suffered from inventory loss over the course of the last year, please do consider completing the survey.

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9 thoughts on “Lab ask for assistance pinning down inventory loss issues

  1. Actually, I have had two major losses in the past year so I took the survey. However, I wish now I had added that their support on live chat wasn’t helpful. I’m fairly advanced on computers and “use our official viewer” as a help response just isn’t good enough in my book! I am the one who had to go back to the vendors for the files I could see missing on two major losses and have what I could re-delivered, re-rezz them, sort them again, etc.


    1. Often the request to try things on the official viewer is an important first step, as it confirms to the Lab that there is possibly a problem within their code, rather than being something accidentally triggered as a result of a change made by one TPV or another (and thus outside the Lab’s control). Granted, it’s not required in all cases or problems, but consistency in approach when trying to identify problems is also an important step for a support desk in approaching issues, hence why the question is asked, even if it doesn’t appear to be relevant to you or me.


      1. You should work for their support because that is a much better explanation than anything I got from three support people! I’m not a “do what I say because I say to do it” person and require an explanation. Had that been the response, I would have made that effort. Actually, I did the first time and it didn’t help, but then, they didn’t have a response as to why then either. Thanks!


  2. In many years I never had a single inventory loss, but I hear about it often and it is somewhat worrying. I wonder how many real inventory losses there are though (I mean server-side losses, items you used to have and they poofed, and I’m not talking about failures in receiving an item). There should be some, but when I seek for more info about the alleged inventory losses, it turns out that it is mostly the viewer failing to complete the inventory indexing (fixable with an inventory cache reset, but sometimes it is connectivity issues), accidental deletions, sometimes both (i.e. the viewer shows an empty folder – which isn’t – and you trash and purge it), accidental turning on of some inventory filter, a no-copy item that failed to rez and it isn’t in the Lost and Found folder (again just not listed and a relog fixes it) and so on. At most there were cases of copybotted or ripped stuff removed server-side.
    I’m curious to see the results of the survey, although with just those questions it won’t be so easy to discern client-side from server-side issues, but some may give an idea.


    1. I have suffered from inventory loss on occasion, although nothing significant in over a year. My biggest encounter with it was in around 2008/9 (I think), when there was one of the issues of folders getting moved outside of the main inventory tree & ending up either broken or lost. That resulted in me quite ruthlessly organising my inventory. For example, I only create sub-folders for storing stuff within the established system folders, I keep everything organised and indexed via a folder hierarchy, and I “box” items which remain unused for a period of time so that my active inventory rarely exceeds the 10K mark. Whether this helps or not is debatable, but it does mean the 99% of the time I can quickly and easily find what I need without filtering, etc., and (prior to Monty’s inventory load fixes) meant I already had a reasonably decent inventory load time if ever I reset things.

      As you say, the majority of perceived inventory losses are often “fixable” through a variety of means. However, not everyone is perhaps aware of these or where to find guidance on how to respond to problems when they first seem to occur. So even if any follow-up to the survey reveals this to be more the case than “genuine” loss of inventory, it at least points to where more information can be provided (through the wiki, Knowledge Base, etc.), that can help users to help themselves fix issues of perceived “loss” when they occur, is likely to be to the good – both for users and for the Lab in narrowing their focus down onto where the “real” problems of inventory loss sit. And follow-up is perhaps the key here; like you, I do wonder if the questions on their own are a little too generic to help in identifying problems.


  3. Has anyone read TOS LL is not and never will be liable for inventory loss. I have lost plenty of inventory through the years. Some was my fault do to deeded land some was LL fault.
    The fact is LL is not liable for your loss so LL if you do not have avi’s in here testing your mess with at least 100,000 item inventory you better get with it.
    I will give you the same reply LL gave me after we spent days hours trying to find several hundred RL dollars of inventory. LL is not reliable for inventory loss.
    Thank you LL . this is not to be mean I am just being honest.
    The loss was so big we left SL for a year and did other things. And never did the same things again to this day. So I will ask this. Who is liable for your loss of inventory from LL server. You and for sure not LL you agreed to that the moment you made an account.
    good luck.


    1. This isn’t about liability. It’s about investigating issues and trying to to improve the experience by ensuring said issues can be minimised / eliminated. Different kettle of fish entirely, I’m afraid.


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