SL project news week 7/1: miscellaneous; grid status page

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News is a little light coming out of the Lab on projects right now, although there was a blog post on things made on Monday, February 9th, which I also blogged about. However, new for the start of the week is still a little on the light side.

Server Deployments

There are no scheduled server deployments for the week.

SL Viewer

It had been anticipated that week #6 would see the Tools update project viewer (version and the Avatar Hover Height project viewer (version both superseded by a release candidate. However, neither update occurred.

It is possible these updates will occur during week #7; however, for the time being, all of the LL viewers remain as they were at the end of week #6, and as recorded in my Current Viewer Releases page, namely:

  • Release version: (January 13th)
  • Release candidate versions:
    • Maintenance RC, version – this has a number of issues associated with it, which may prevent its promotion to the de facto release viewer (January 27th)
    • Experience Keys / Tools RC, version (January 14th) – this has been awaiting final server-side updates to the Experience capabilities
  • Project viewers:
    • Tool Update, version (January 28th)
    • Mesh importer, version (February 3rd) – a number of bug reports have already been filed for this viewer – see the JIRA filter list for details.
    • Avatar Hover Height, version (January 21st)
    • Viewer-managed Marketplace, version (November 19th, 2014)
    • Oculus Rift project viewer, version (October 13th, 2014).

Grid Status Page Relocated

As some have noticed, on Monday, February 9th, the Lab relocated the SL grid status page to a blog address, with a redirect from the “old” URL of

However, the result has caused some confusion, notably as a result of breakage across sites and links referring to the “old” URL. Even some of the updates on the dashboard users see having been generating 404 errors as a result of the move.

Commenting on the change during the Simulator User Group meeting on Tuesday, February 10th, Simon Linden – who was out of the office when the change was made – said, “I don’t know what’s going to happen with the status page … but we know the shift caused issues … we heard a lot about it breaking things that relied on it.  I’m not sure what the solution will be.”

So… watch that space…

One thought on “SL project news week 7/1: miscellaneous; grid status page

  1. It give me a bit of a metal taste in my mouth, as i saw on last weeks, quite a few emblematic places in mainland disappear forever (last one the Titanic in nautilius) and some well known music venues starting to move their events to kitely.
    While a lot is improving regarding crossing sims, code stability, rezzing times, LL informal games with the community, these kind of issues, like the grid status, that will add more confusion, will not help to secure the community nor gain more users.


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