SL Marketplace search: Lab asks for feedback

secondlifeIn a blog post dated Tuesday 17th December, the Lab has asked for feedback on the SL Marketplace search functionality, and have set-up a survey for people to take as a means of offering their views.

The blog post reads in full:

Next year, we’ll be making some improvements to the Second Life Marketplace search functionality. To help focus those efforts, we’d like to get some feedback from Marketplace users (both buyers and merchants) about how Marketplace search is working for you today and, more importantly, what you’d like to see in the future.

Please take a few minutes to help us improve this feature for all Residents by completing this brief survey here.

The survey will be available for feedback through January 6, 2014, and your input is greatly appreciated!

Marketplace search survey: open for input until January 6th, 2014
Marketplace search survey: open for input until January 6th, 2014

The survey presents a dozen sections, some of which are multi-part, asking for elements of the search functionality to be rated, and some of which offer users the opportunity to provide direct input / suggestions on things like the current search filters, relevance and sorting of results, presentation of search results, etc., and any specific changes people would like to see. It takes about 5 minutes to complete.

For those frustrated by Marketplace search, this would appear to be a good opportunity to provide feedback as to how things might be improved, which will hopefully be taken on-board. A discussion thread on the survey and feedback given has been started within the Merchant’s forum.

7 thoughts on “SL Marketplace search: Lab asks for feedback

  1. Would be wonderful if all color choices for one item were listed in that one item– that is the main reason I leave MP — when I get pages of same thing.


    1. Variations on a single item (e.g. different colour variants of the same dress / car / etc) would be an excellent capability within the Marketplace. Sadly, that kind of feature would appear to be outside the scope of this survey. No harm in raising a JIRA on it as a “Feature Request”, however!


  2. Did the survey. Was remarkable in it’s narrow focus and restraints on inputs. The over-riding impression i was left with was ‘Survey done because we were told too. Not really interested in your suggestions’.
    When the Marketplace was released I filed a jira concerning Filter choices not being retained from page to page. Waited months, with others also voting and leaving comments complaining of same. Eventually some changes were made, the Jira was declared closed. I re-opened the Jira because the fixes were only half done. The Jira was immediately closed again with comment that all pages were fixed (easily proven wrong), and a warning not to re-open or risk ban.
    Two weeks later that Linden left their ‘team’ because of LL new rules concerning out-of-state workers. The Jira was never re-opened. And disappeared in Jira upgrade.

    It sux that If I choose to display search results by price, it’s reset to Relevance on next Search.
    It sux that I choose a preference, and it’s reset if I close the browser, and re-visit.
    It is basic user functionality on almost any website to ‘retain user preferences across sessions, pages and visits’.
    It is only a few hours work, to change the code and update the pages to keep user preferences. Source: Me=ex website designer.

    I know there are probably two reasons why Marketplace pages are reset to Relevance.
    – Some ignorant greedy manager chose “we’ll earn more money if higher prices are presented first and I don’t care about user experience”.
    – And/Or that same Manager and his staff do not actually use the website themselves, and relied on a lazy worker who lied and they never checked his work.

    But, on the good side…it’s some communication and a feedback loop for the first time in ages?

    “I will do my very best to keep you informed of our plans of what we intend to change and when and that I will work to take feedback from our community before making decisions” – Colossus Linden (Business Lead for Ecommerce at Linden Lab), March 2009

    Last Merchant update from his team = 8 months ago :/

    TLDR: Meh, imho they don’t really want to listen


    1. Balancing asurvey of this type is hard; leave it too open, and you risk being seen as opening to the door to ideas, only to then slam in in the face of the majority of those given when you can’t implement them for whatever valid reason. Narrow the bandwidth overly much, and you’ll wind up being accused of trying to steer the results to a pre-determined outcome. As such, I felt this one treads a fairly reasonable line and at least seeks to obtain free-form feedback via text entry fields, rather than leaving everything to check boxes and radio buttons. While elements of it could have been better thought-through, it at least matches the reasons for it being set-up. I’m curious to see where it leads.

      As to communications, I gave on up any genuine moves being made to improve things not long after Rod Humble promised to “up the tempo” back in October 2012 when the silence around on-going issues with the MP and listings was hard to escape. At the time, it became pretty clear that the “up the tempo” comment was being taken by the Commerce Team as increasing their level of silence, rather than by making any real efforts to open the door to more open and bi-directional communications. Such as by holding any form of user group meeting.


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