Celebrating the metaverse: AvaCon greet 2014 with a new website and more

Acon-logoAvaCon, former organisers of the now defunct Second Life Community Convention, and co-organisers of the OpenSimulator Community Conference, have launched their completely revamped website ahead of what looks like being a very busy year for the team.

The new website is a crisp, clean, easy-to-navigate blog-style environment (the engine driving the site is WordPress.org with a professional theme courtesy of Kriesi Art). This is perhaps a long-overdue overhaul to AvaCon’s web presence, and it certainly gives a whole new look and feel – and vibrancy – to the site.

Part of the revamped AvaCon website
Part of the revamped AvaCon website


In 2013, AvaCon co-organised and hosted the first Annual OpenSimulator Community Conference, (OSCC) which I previewed in these pages (and was booked-in to attend before RL got in the way). The event itself was a great success for both AvaCon and the Overte Foundation, and they’re now planning the 2014 event.

Those wishing to help with the 2014 conference are invited to e-mail AvaCon to volunteer their services. In the meantime, videos from the 2013 conference are available on YouTube for those wishing to catch-up on events, and AvaCon have provided a link to a fascinating visualisation video by Nebadon25 showing the OpenSimulator code commits by core developers, charting the growth of the project.

Metaverse Cultural Series

In 2013, AvaCon also launched the Metaverse Cultural Series, a set of events which featured performances and lectures highlighting unique aspects of metaverse culture, and which took place in multiple virtual world spaces. The inaugural series showcased innovative artists, thinkers, performers, and academics whose work is on the forefront of exploring what it means to work, play, and live in the emerging metaverse.

In 2014, AvaCon plan to expand the series, and will be issuing a call-for-proposals in January, 2014. Successful presenters and venue hosts will receive a $50 USD honorarium for accepted presentations, and I’ll be endeavouring to bring news on things once the call goes out publicly.

All-in-all, 2014 looks to be an exciting year for AvaCon, and I’d like to extend my congratulations to the team on their successes in 2013 and my best wishes for 2014.

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I’m in Prim Perfect!

Sorry, but I’m a-tooting my little horn here.

Back in June, Saffia Widdershins tackled me to the ground and persuaded me to attempt an interview with Rod Humble.

While I dithered a bit with the result that the interview didn’t entirely go as planned (although it did eventually appear in issue #49, the delay no fault of Saffia’s or mine), Saffia was nevertheless undeterred by my fiddle-farting, and asked me if I’d consider helping-out with the Christmas issue of the magazine, and provide a piece about Calas Galadhon, selected as Prim Perfect’s Region of the month. Given she did ask so nicely, and the subject-matter of the article is so close to my heart, how could I refuse? 🙂

Prim Perfect #50 - December 2013
Prim Perfect #50 – December 2013

Issue #50 of Prim Perfect is now out, so if you’re so minded, you can read my thoughts on Calas for yourself there. More to the point, you can find out lots more as well, particularly if you’re in a post-Christmas / pre-New Year mood for Doing Things. So why not grab a copy on-line or from an in-world vendor and:

  • Join Honour McMillan in discovering 11 amazing regions to visit
  • Read about Eliza Wierwight’s moving campaign to help 35 elephants
  • Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Jenne Dibou (just like Honour has!)
  • Catch-up with Designing World’s year
  • and more!

Or, if you prefer, and as a special treat for the cold winter nights, grab a mug of hot chocolate and huddle down somewhere cosy to read a series of special seasonal stories penned by some of SL’s top writers.

All-in-all a great read!

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