SL projects update week 21 (2): server releases, Interest list, group ban list

Server Deployments

As always, please refer to the release forum  thread on the weekly deployments for the latest updates and discussions.

Due to issues with the JSON deployment made to all three Release Candidate channels in week 20, there has been no Main channel deployment in week 21.

On Wednesday May 22nd, the three Release Candidate (RC channels should each receive the following updates:

  • Magnum should receive an update to the server maintenance project deployed to all three RC channels in week 20 which includes fixes for bugs within the LSL support to create and parse JSON-formatted strings, which I reported on in my week 20 report.  This week’s update fixes some bugs related to the changes. Release notes.
  • BlueSteel should receive a further update to the experience tools project, and there should be no visible changes with this update. Release notes
  • LeTigre should receive an update related to the simulator’s interest list subsystem which reduces scene loading time when entering a new region. Release notes.

Interest List Bits

Andrew Linden
Andrew Linden (image captured by Opensource Obscure)

As noted in week 18, Andrew Linden has been working on fixing a bug which he specifically mentions in terms of Meeroos, but which can affect other animals as well, which he described as:

If you turn your camera away from a crowd of Meeroos, wait several seconds, then turn back around… the Meeroos will be updated, but not quite in the right order. So sometimes you’ll see a head move to the new position, then a fraction of a second later the rest of the body.  So I have a theoretical fix that doesn’t crash the simulator (anymore)

Providing an update at the Simulator User Group meeting on the 21st May,, he said, “I do have a little news about the Meeroo animation bug… I wasn’t able to fix it after all… but I did reduce it or eliminate it for meeroos that are nearby (closer than 10m).” He also noted an issue with the Meeroos’ animations which he believes to be “Mostly by slow scripts, low bandwidth connection, or general lag,” which results in the Meeroos walk animation appearing to be broken. He believes the fix in his new project will enable nearby Meeroos to update correctly when being viewed, and he’ll be revisiting the problem once the initial fix has been deployed, although he’d be interested in hearing back on how well the partial fix works, once the fix has gone out.

Baker Linden: Group Ban List and Other Work

Baker Linden: getting closer to working on group bans
Baker Linden: getting closer to working on group bans

Baker Linden reports that he is making “really great progress” on fixing leading and trailing spaces in display names. He’s currently working on some unit tests and dealing with a couple of minor issues, but he hopes that overall it will be ready for QA later in the week. He did admit that, “I’m unsure how useful it’ll be — anyone that wants to game the system will just append a bunch of other characters that appear before letters… But at least whitespace will be stripped.”

Once this has happened, he’ll be finishing-off the fixes for name searches using the People floater and the correct removal (unmuting) of muted avatars and objects from the viewer’s mute list. As soon as these two issues have been dealt with, Baker will be pushing forward with the new group ban list capability as requested in JIRA SVC-8127.

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