Lab asks “Are you ready to celebrate” SL’s 10th birthday and hints at planning “fun things”

secondlifeOn Tuesday May 14th, Linden Lab issued a blog post inviting users and communities to submit details of any events they are planning as a part of celebrations for Second Life’s tenth birthday in June for inclusion in the SL Destination Guide.

The post also hinted that the Lab is also planning some “fun things” to celebrate as well, reading in part:

This June, Second Life will celebrate its 10th birthday, thanks to users like you!

We have some fun things planned to celebrate the occasion (keep an eye on this blog for more on that soon!), but we’d also like to highlight your events. Like last year, we’ll have a special category in the Destination Guide [link] for Second Life birthday-related events. No one throws a better party than the Second Life community, and if you’re planning an event to celebrate Second Life’s 10th birthday, we want to know about it!

The blog post goes on to note that the community itself is organising its own celebratory event, and includes a link to the SL10BCC website.

If you are planning a special SL10th birthday event for June 2013, you can submit details for inclusion in the Destination Guide by filling-out the official submission form using the “misc” category, or by e-mailing the Destination Guide editor, using “SL10B” is the subject line of the e-mail.

7 thoughts on “Lab asks “Are you ready to celebrate” SL’s 10th birthday and hints at planning “fun things”

  1. It’s good the lab have a blog post on the big 10th birthday however it just sounds like the same like last year for SL9B. I think the resident run SL10B community celebration is going to be the best yet. 🙂

    I do like this part of the blog post “We have some fun things planned to celebrate the occasion (keep an eye on this blog for more on that soon!)”. Sounds interesting and hopefully it will be worth it. 🙂


      1. Look, this is the Labs we’re talking about. There are still some signs of the old days in what the Moles do, but I am finding it hard to be enthusiastic.


    1. Actually, rather the reverse.

      The more the Lab takes steps to more openly communicate with their users the better. One of the biggest problems today is the fact that the Lab doesn’t engage in regular communications through more widespread means – their forums, their blog channels (which have fallen into disuse by users directly as a result of their failure to do so), etc.

      As a result, much of what happens around SL becomes subject to confusion, rumours and misunderstandings which all-too-often become established as “fact”, even in the face of reliable information being obtained elsewhere.

      Even techical issues, while well-communicated through some of the forums and through in-world meetings, is left to third parties such as myself and Nalates Urriah to communicate to a wider audience – and we don’t always cover everything, and there is a risk we can completely mis-represent what the Lab is attempting simply because we wrongly interpret what is said in a meeting.

      As such, while no-one expects daily communications to flow out of the Lab, there is an argument to say that monthly updates across their blog channels could go a long way towards fostering better understanding, by giving users the opportunity to read news directly from source, without and colouring (however unintentional) by third-party bloggers.


  2. There may be more communication activity on Rod Humble SL twitter feed and SL web profile feed. I asked about a few things and in a recent email he said:

    “we are doing some stuff! I will chat more soon on profile/twitter etc”

    Well hopefully things will pick up again soon. 🙂


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