Direct Delivery issues: June update

On June 7th, and missed in the build-up for SL9B, the Commerce Team issued a further update on the stains of ongoing work to fix various issues relating to both Direct Delivery and listings problems. This appears to be the latest in what seems to be monthly updates. The latest post reads:

06-07-2012 02:53 PM

Below is the updated set of outstanding issues with Direct Delivery and the Marketplace.

Direct Delivery

The following Direct Delivery issues have been verified, but have not yet been addressed:

  • WEB-4600 (Merchant Outbox failures): We have been working on this issue and will not shut down Magic Boxes until this is addressed. In some cases, logging out and in from the Marketplace and then the viewer may resolve this problem.
  • WEB-4554 (Test delivery permissions incorrect): This is currently under investigation.
  • Limited Quantity Support (Merchant does not have rights to copy the items for sale): This is currently being worked on. Magic Box migration will not be required until this is supported. (Note that Merchants can sell items that have next owner rights set to “No Copy”. Please see the Knowledge Base article on Object permissions for more details on how permissions work.)

Overall Marketplace

There are also several issues that occurred around the time of the Direct Delivery launch that we are still working to address, but are not issues with Direct Delivery.

  • WEB-4587 (Listings with the wrong images): This is currently under test.   
  • WEB-4441 (Orders stuck in “Being Delivered” state): We have been able decrease the number of orders getting stuck and continue to work on preventing all orders from getting stuck.
  • WEB-4567 (Bulk delete fails for some merchants): We will evaluate the priority of this once we have completed the above Direct Delivery fixes and features.
  • WEB-4592 (Orders marked as “Delivery Partially Failed” on success): This is currently under investigation.
  • WEB-4696 (Deleted listings appearing in search results): We continue to investigate this issue.
  • WEB-2974 (Listing enhancement stuck in “Charging, cannot edit right now” state): We are investigating this issue.
  • WEB-4138 (Confirmation emails failing to deliver): We are currently investigating this issue.

In addition to the above issues, there have been reports of Direct Delivery purchases silently being delivered and the Merchant not getting paid (the order is marked as “Failed”). We have not been able to confirm this report and would like to investigate further, so please file a support ticket with details if you see this.

While progress is welcome, for some merchants the wait is beginning to to tell – and quite understandably so.


4 thoughts on “Direct Delivery issues: June update

  1. The Lab probably didn’t intend this, but the continuing widespread problems with the Marketplace could lead to more people opening, or re-opening, in world stores. Thus, a Bad Thing may result in a Good Thing!


    1. Have stores actually closed as a direct impact of SLM? While I’ve considered it as a result of my sales growing on SLM (while in-world sales have noticeably declined since the start of the year), I’ve not personally done so – yet – and have yet to see any of the content creators I routine buy from swing away from their in-world presence (although it does seem newer creators are opting to go exclusively with SLM, rather than bothering with an in-world store).

      As such, I’m curious as to just how much actual impact SLM is having when it comes to creators maintaining / opting for an in-world presence as well as SLM.


  2. Well, if i can add something, as i’m becoming again more active in Sl (tks to the crossing sims fix and Niran’s viewer i should say!), is that i still use Marketplace as a search and mean to get only free itens, all being delivered yo my merchant box as soon as i hit enter!
    For the rest, Marketplace provides me direct links to in world shops, where i got and see and if worth, buy!


    1. Yep. I suspect this is how many people have been using the Marketplace: to window-shop before going in-world to see items “first hand” and try demos, etc. It’s how I’ve tended to use SLM as a consumer. Hence my questioning whether SLM has been a major cause of stores – as opposed to malls – shutting down. That said, I have seen traffic dwindling at me in-world platform, while sales via SLM have continued unabated although I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid on all of the ongoing SLM issues.


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