SL9B: AIDS Benefit Day and Mesh Day

SL9B will feature two special themed days during the event.

AIDS Benefit Day

Dream Seeker Estates, who donated the first 10 sims for SL9B has been a long-time supporter of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Prior to donating the sims, Dream Seeker had been planning to run a special AIDS Benefit Campaign throughout June. Therefore, to mark their generous donation of the sims, Friday June 22nd has been designated AIDS Benefit Day at SL9B in support of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

A call is therefore going out to the community asking anyone interested in being involved in the AIDS Benefit Day to get in contact. An application form is available here,  and we are keen to hear from individuals and groups who are interested in:

  • Holding an event
  • Giving a presentation
  • Taking part in a discussion about AIDS.

Please note that the closing date for AIDS Benefit Day submissions is June 9th.

Mesh Day

Wednesday 20th June has been designated Mesh Day at SL9B – a day to highlight Mesh creations and to look at the impact of mesh on the grid. Again, we are looking for people to take part in this, and a form is available for those wishing to register interest.

The water stage: a mesh build at SL9B

Three categories of activity have been envisaged for Mesh Day:

  • The Mesh Builds Directory:  A listing of all builds at SL9B that feature mesh in whole or in part, which visitors to SL9B can use to find and investigate the power and magic of mesh on Mesh Day itself
  • Mesh Fashion Events: Costa Rica, a part of Dream Seeker Estates, will be organising a series of fashion shows to highlight the work of mesh clothing and fashion designers – so if you are a design working in mesh, we want to hear from you!
  • Mesh presentations and discussions: we invite those interested in staging a presentation on mesh or who would be interested in participating in panel discussions on mesh that will be held on Mesh Day to also use the form and get in contact with us.
Please note that the closing date for Mesh Day submissions is June 9th.

If you have any ideas for other ways in which we can mark these days, please use the comments on the official blog post announcing these events to let us know.

About SL9B

SL9B is being organised by residents, for residents – there is no direct involvement from Linden Lab. Along with the festivities there will be fundraising for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids, a charity supported by Dream Seeker Estates.

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