SL9B: Let the building commence!

The sims for SL9B are now open for exhibitors to commence work on their builds!

Well in excess of 400 applications for spots have been received, and while e-mails confirming the success of applications are going out, it will take time for all notifications to be sent – so if you haven’t yet received an e-mail, give it a little time, the team are working through things as quickly as possible, but the volume means there will be unavoidable delays (so if you haven’t already, why not start work on your build elsewhere?).

As previously mentioned, there are a number of steps successful applicants need to take  / be aware of in order to secure their parcel and start work:

  • You will need to have two free Group slots – one for the SLB Community Group, one for the SLB Exhibitor and Entertainment Group
  • You must join the SLB Community Group in-world (if you haven’t already done so)
  • To gain an invitation to the Exhibitor and Entertainment Group, please request the help of an Exhibitor Assistant (EA) via the SLB Community Group
  •  An EA will IM you (again, there might be a slight delay in this, there is liable to be a high volume of calls being handled initially!) with your invitation to join the Exhibitor and Entertainment Group and other essentials to enable you to get to work on the sims
  • Once on-site, make sure you have the Exhibitor and Entertainment Group as your active tag and everything you place out for your build must be set to the Exhibitor and Entertainment Group, or they will be returned after one minute
Egyptian Mystery at SL9B (credit: Crap Mariner)

Key build notes (please also refer to the SL9B event policies):

  • All builds should be no larger than 32×32 metres or exceed a Land Impact (prim count) of 257
  • Mesh and sculpts are welcome within builds, but please keep the use of the latter to a minimum / to essentials only
  • If possible, please do not use any scripts that require interacting with the region server or an external server/database for information to function
  • Please try to restrict the use of physics-enabled objects and remember that no temp-on-rez prims (aka no temp rezzers) are allowed—this includes holographic rezzers or any devices that momentarily rez a temp structure. Exhibits that utilize the physics engine will be reviewed prior to opening to make sure that they will not cause problems when the regions are filled with visitors
  • All builds must conform to SL “General” rating requirements
  • Selling is prohibited. Free gifts, or “freebies,” are fine. Additionally, displays should have actual content, not just look like advertisements.

About SL9B

SL9B is being organised by residents, for residents – there is no direct involvement from Linden Lab. Along with the festivities there will be fundraising for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids, a charity supported by Dream Seeker Estates.

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Viewer release summary 2012: week 22

This is a weekly summary of changes to all SL Viewers / clients of which I’m aware and which are in popular use across the grid / listed in the TPVD. Detailed links to said Viewers / clients can be found in my Viewer Round-up Page. The links supplied in this summary are either to change logs or to reviews within this blog.

A number of updates last week, including the SL Official Release, Dolphin, Restrained Love, and Lumiya, as well as from the “usual suspects”: Niran’s, Zen and Cool VL.

Updates for week ending: 3 June, 2012

  • SL Viewer updates:
    • Release version: rolled to on May 29th, which includes the Local Textures option
    • Development: rolled to on May 30th
  • Dolphin Viewer rolled to version – May 30th (release notes)
  • Exodus has introduced nightly builds ahead of the next release
  • Niran’s Viewer rolled to 1.39 on the 29th May (release notes)
  • Restrained Love rolled to on June 3rd (release notes)
  • Zen Viewer released version May 30th (release notes)
  • Cool VL Viewer rolled to on June 1st, (change log here)
  • Lumiya rolled out version 2.0.3 on May 29th (release notes)

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SL9B: Calling all SLB events and organisers!

As promised, the centralised SL9B sims will feature an events hub that is available for other SL9B events to be advertised. The hub will be located in the welcome area, immediately available to those arriving, allowing other communities and events to promote the SLB celebrations they are holding this year as well.

If you are organising or host an SLB event, then the organisers of SL9B would like to hear from you! Here’s what to do:

  • Create a notecard with all the relevant information on the event: description, date(s) / time(s), venue(s), maturity rating, SLurl and anything else you think will encourage someone reading it to attend your event
  • Create a “poster” to advertise the event. This should be in the form of a texture (no bigger than 256×256 pixels) which can be a photograph or illustration – but which again should include the name of the event and the date(s) / time(s)

Enclose BOTH of these in a notecard, together with a landmark for the event, give the notecard a suitable title (e.g. “Notification of XXX SL9B event”, where XXX is the name of your event), add contact details (in case we need to contact you) and send the covering notecard to Dmom2k Darwin in-world. Please ensure you get the details to Dmom2k on or before June 14th, 2012.

Please do make sure everything you send is 100% correct. We won’t have the time to check SLurls, landmarks or spelling. All received posters will be displayed in Givers at the hub, allowing visitors to collect notecards and LMs for events which interest them.

Let’s work together to make SL9B an awesome grid-wide celebration!

ETA: revised image size for posters. Now 256×256 rather than 512×512. 

Tyrehl Byk and Ultraviolet Alter: Almost Flat Land

I first came across Tyrehl Byk via his SL performance art pieces, Catharsis and Particle Phastasmagoria last year, and was completely enchanted in his use of particle effects and music to create marvellously immersive art shows. Now Tyrehl is back at the Linden Endowment of the Arts with a new full-sim feature, Almost Flat Land, which again uses particle effects, this time in an immersive environment in which you are very much a participant.

Arrival: take heed of the notes

On arrival at the installation, you will find yourself deep in a cavern – a foreword, if you will, to the piece itself. Here are instructions on setting your graphics particle and media settings to get the most out of your experience. High-end graphics do not need to be enabled, so long as you ramp-up the particle count to its fullest extent. You will, however, need both media and sound enabled to gain the most from Ultraviolet Alter’s soundscape – visiting the installation without either enabled with greatly diminish your experience.


Once you are set, take the teleport down to the surface, where you will find yourself in the gallery, a hall that appears to have suffered the ravages of some geological event – and possibly something more. Here your task is to find a diary, one which offers a vivid tale of stranded explorers, missing team members and strange creatures from another dimension. It also perhaps carries a stark warning: the final pages incomplete and spattered with blood.


However, to consider Almost Flat Land a mystery waiting to be solved, would be a mistake. The diary isn’t a narrative device that guides you through a story. Rather it is a means of providing context for the rich soundscape and of encouraging you to explore; to simply stand and cam your way around would be a mistake, and would leave you missing out on a lot. And there is a lot to discover – far more than the water-encroached landscape might suggest, including a hidden portal taking you to another aspect of the piece.


The installation offers itself to a wide range of interpretations. There are stories to be told here, whether you chose to frame them with the passages of the diary or not. As an immersive experience, it offers images and sounds that will doubtless resonate differently and uniquely for each of us, even when using the diary as a guide for the imagination.

Why not take an hour to discover what it says to you?