LL launch SL9B Destination Guide pages

With the new month starting, Linden Lab has launched the SL9B Destination Guide pages. The pages will be used to highlight SL9B celebrations across the grid, and submissions for inclusion are actively being sought.

SL9B Destination Guide extract

If you are running an SL9B event between the 18th and the 24th June 2012, or if you are aware of an SL9B event, you can apply to have the event listed in the Destination Guide – simply make sure you provide all the details and select “SL9B” from the drop-down list of categories.

Dedicated category for SL9B on Destination Guide suggestion form

With thanks to Daniel Voyager for the Plurk.

Log-in splash images updated, WhatIs re-vamped and a call to video makers

As the new month arrives, Linden Lab appears to be kicking-off a number of outward initiatives.

Splash Screen Images Updated

First comes the latest set of secondlife.com splash screen images, which match the current masquerade banner theme on the SL Marketplace. This time there are three images in the set, which have been supplied by Strawberry Singh and Winter Jefferson, Whimsy Winx, and Sissy Scarborough and Mel Vanbeek respectively.

New secondlife.com splash screen image

Remember that in order to see the new images, you’ll need to log out of secondlife.com.

WhatIs Page Re-vamped

In keeping with the use of user-generated content, the What Is Second Life webpage has been given a revamp. For those unfamiliar with the WhatIs page, it has been the page that tries to explain Second Life (no easy task in and of itself), and is accessible from the link on the secondlife.com splash screen, or at http://secondlife.com/whatis/.

Previously, this page played host to the Linden Lab created video promoting Second Life:

In the new layout, WhatIs replaces the LL video with a selection of user-created videos intended to help showcase Second Life to the novice / potential user, complete with an additional JOIN NOW button that takes people to the sign-up page.

Also included is the What’s Hot section of the Destination Guide, while in the What Is section, there is a link that displays the most recent posts to the my.sl social feed (or if you are an existing user and already logged-in to secondlife.com, to your own my.sl feed page).

Part of the new WhatIs page

E-mail Campaign

LL look to be trying to improve their outward communications, with the launch of an e-mail campaign designed to encourage people to follow the Second.Life account on my.secondlife.com (my.sl for short). This account promises to be a provider of up-to-the minute news, etc., with the strapline: Be the first to know. Breaking SL News and More. Get the latest community updates, beta invites and more, without leaving Second Life!

This is interesting as it more-or-less amounts to the first “official” statement from Linden Lab on the subject of how to keep abreast of news from the company since Amanda Linden infamously announced the launch of the Lithium “Community Communications Platform” (which runs the current blogs and forums) – and then told users that to keep up with LL’s news on SL, they should go visit Facebook…

E-mail announcement

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