SL9B Mesh Day!

Today is Mesh Day at SL9B. If you have any interest in mesh at all – be it as a builder, a designer a wearer or consumer – there’s a whole lot going on at the SL9B auditorium area for you, with things kicking-off at 11:00am SLT:

  • 11:00 – Builders Brewery will be giving a presentation on Making Mesh
  • 12:00 – Qarl Fizz (formerly Qarl Linden) will be discussing the resident-funded mesh parametric deformer project, designed to make mesh clothing more readily available to different-sized avatars
  • 14:00  – A Panel Discussion with Maxwell Graf (Rustica) Froukje Hoorenbeek (Dutchie), Loz Hyde (Meshworx) and Cain Maven (Maven Homes) will be discussing their mesh creations – and possibly showing some examples of their work!

A Note to SL9B Exhibitors

Do you have an exhibit at SL9B that is all or partially mesh? If so, please let us know today! Drop a comment over at the SL9B Blog, and we’ll try to spotlight your work.

Kazuhiro.Aridian’s amazing mesh Lake Stage at SL9B

SL9B: Viewing the stages and touring Gala

SL9B has five main stages for entertainment spread across the regions, all of which are in some way unique. Two in particular have caught my imagination: the Main and Lake stages, both of which I find totally captivating.

The beautiful Main Stage at night

I’ve been gathering photos of each of them – and the other stages – for several days, and am rather pleased with some of the results, which are uploaded to my SL9B Flickr set and slideshow.

The magnificent mesh Lake Stage

While my hardware prevents me from creating full in-world machinima, I did put some of the results together in a short video, which I hope captures the spirit of the stages.

Thank you to Donpatchy Dagostino for the beautiful Main Stage and SL9B steam express, to Kazuhiro Aridian for the amazing mesh Lake Stage, to Mikati Slade for the almost edible Cake Stage, and to KT Syakumi and the team for  the DJ Egypt Stage and for the imaginative (and completely 11th hour!) Sunken Stage.

Gala: Celebrating SL’s Water-focused Communities

Gala is one of two water-themed regions at SL9B (the other being Frolic, the home of the Lake Stage, although Iwa and Dziewic are also technically water regions, being the home of the Main stage and its surroundings). Gala also featuresa live performance stage, the Sunken Stage, and is the place where you’ll find exhibits celebrating SL’s diverse water-focused communities.

Located towards the middle of the Boardwalk area of Gala sits Botanica’s Community Centre Tower, which is a good landmark from which to start your explorations. Here you can go both up and down, exploring the various floors and levels of the tower.

Botanica’s Community Tower, above and below (click to enlarge)

Merfolk are well-represented here with Two Moon Paradise and Safe Waters Foundation providing mer-themed displays. – the former with a full week of performances going on under water. Bohemian Underground also provides information of interest to merfolk, which can be found at their pearl diving exhibit. Also taking the plunge underwater is Siren Song, with a Verne-inspired submersible on display…

Safe Waters Foundation: above and below (credits: Serafin Galli) – click to enlarge

Women in Society remains above the waves, as does the SL Coast Guard, which provides information on US Coast Guard services. The Blake Sea Battle Group provides an impressive display, including information on sailing in SL and on the navies and pirates of Blakes Sea. Come Sail With us also provides a wealth of information on sailing in SL, and the SL9B Sailing Community offers-up additional information. Not to be outdone, surfing in SL has a pavilion in Gala, again packed with info and where and how to try your hand. Ocean Realms steers you back to the ways of the pirate – and an opportunity to dance on Davy Jones’ Locker if you take a look below…. Nearby, Pirate Realms offers more insight into piratical roleplay in SL.

The Blakes Sea exhibit at Gala

The Boomer Esiason Foundation demonstrates how the global community of Second Life can come together to fight sickness and disease – in this case, cystic fibrosis, one of the most common life-threatening genetic disorders in the world today.

BEF: raising awareness of cystic fibrosis

Climb the ramp at Nivana Island exhibit to see the surrounding displays and look across Frolic to the Lake Stage. Rox Arten, Grogo Tungsten and Corvi Ashdene remind us that with Second Life, we’re all in this together – and they take us back underwater in the process. At the north end of Gala you can discover more about fishing in SL, with a pair of neighbouring exhibits, while RFL reminds us it is Time For a Cure. Exhibits from Armito Rentals and Rue and art installations by Lemonodo Oh and Artistide Despres round-out Gala’s pavilions.

Enchantment Island’s Wonders of the Ocean