SL9B: Birthday Bash and the treasure hunt

Birthday Bash is one of the two regions sponsored by Kitty CatS and sits in the south-east corner of the SL9B sims, alongside of Party Time, where you’ll find the DJ Egypt stage. Birthday Bash is one of the regions given over completely to exhibits, with 36 parcels to explore. As such, there are far too many to cover in-depth here, so I’m going to try to give you a flavour of things.

Birthday Bash by Night

The North side teleport option on your SL9B HUD will drop you between a celebration of American Football in SL and Pallina60 Loon’s Virtual Marble Machine. You’ll have to walk around the latter to reach the entrance, where you can jump into a giant marble and take a wild ride.

The Virtual Marble Machine with the SFL exhibit behind it

Travelling east from the teleport point, following the water’s edge, you’ll come to the glorious Colossus of Rod’s, a tongue-in-cheek piece from Crap Mariner celebrating … the prim? Further down from this is Yooma Mayo’s Spider of Connection, an interactive piece that brings life to the idea of the six degrees of separation in a spherical kind-of way.

The Spider of Connection – walk the sphere

Interaction is very much a feature of Birthday Bash, with the TARDIS ride, interactive art and sculpture such as the Smile Monument and I Am. You can also pay a very tongue-in-cheek visit to “945 Battery Street“, brought to us by Loki Eliot, and learning the inner goings-on of a certain company! Or you can witness the power behind the sim – Qwark Allen’s Water Mill Power Plant.

The Water Mill Power Plant

Those seeking quieter pursuits may enjoy Celestine Ghiardie’s tribute to H.C. Andersen & Danish folksongs or a wander through the maze built by Château de Versailles in SL, one of several period role-play groups within SL. Another exhibit is Expand Your World, which helps demonstrate the benefits of a more refined camera placement relative to your avatar for a more immersive (something I’m quite keen on).

Loki Eliot gently pokes LL in the ribs

Other SL communities with a presence in Birthday Bash include Zindra Expo Group, BBW Haven, and London City, and groups like the famous Flying Tigers can also be found here, Project Hope should give us all a moment of quiet contemplation.

Flying Tigers

Event sponsors Kitty CatS have a very celebratory display on the north side of the sim, with dancing cats and much more!

Kitty CatS!

There’s a lot more to see in Birthday Bash – art, design, social groups. There are places that encourage interaction and places that allow you it sit and reflect and catch your breath amidst all the rushing around. Again, I’ve deliberately not covered everything here, but hopefully have encouraged you to have a look round – remember that the SLurls supplied for the named exhibits will also allow you to see those around them!

The maze by Château de Versailles – try it in mouselook to avoid peeking over the hedge tops!

The Treasure Hunt

Running through the week of celebration on and on the deserts sims of Shindig and Party Time is a treasure hunt, with a prize to be had each day. The hunt is based on David Abbot’s explorations of the two sims. He’ll be keeping a diary of his discoveries on the SL9B blog, and within it you’ll find clues to each day’s prize  – which can be found within Shindig or Party Time.

Here’s a video y our own intrepid explorers, Saffia and Elrik, to explain things a little more: