Exodus goes nightly

As I recently reported, the Exodus team have been hard at work on the Viewer, obtaining TPV Directory listing status as well as working on a wide range of new features and options within their Viewer.

This is now nearing completion, and as the team work towards their next formal release, they’ve implemented a new nightly build programme for the Viewer. As the name suggests, this will feature daily builds of the Viewer featuring the very latest options, functions and updates, ready for wider testing. In contacting me about the builds, Geenz Spad explained their purpose thus: “We want to get more people testing our nightly builds of Exodus as we near another stable release; those builds are updated almost on a daily basis … to get new features we’re experimenting with out to the public faster for feedback before they make it into a stable release.”

As daily builds there are a few points worth mentioning:

  • No support is provided – so please do not use them as your primary viewer
  • There will be issues both in terms of functionality and stability
  • Please do give constructive feedback to the team on any problems you have, crashes you experience etc.

If you’d like to help the team work towards future releases of Exodus, you can find out more by reading their blog post on the builds and by following the links below:

2 thoughts on “Exodus goes nightly

  1. Tried it!
    Give me NIran’s amazing graphics on same settings (Full shadows, deferred rendering, all graphics options at highest but draw distance 512) and it will be my viewer of choice!
    Its faster as any other, but the World seem so dull after using Niran’s!



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