Exodus: passing the torch

exodus-4Recent updates to the Exodus viewer have been a little slow in some respects. This is in part hardly surprising – at least one member of the team (Geenz Spad) has been up to his eyeballs in working on the materials processing project. However, other factors – such as real life commitments  – have meant that other members of the team have also been unable to focus on the viewer perhaps as much as they would have liked.

As a result of this, both Clix Diesel and Ayamo Nozaki have decided to step aside from lead roles in the project and pass the torch on to others – with Katharine Berry taking over ownership of the project and the role of lead developer. Clix himself made the announcement in an Exodus blog post on Sunday April 21st, which reads:

Hello everyone!

I know it’s been a while since an update but we have some important news to share with you.

I would like to announce Katharine Berry as the new lead developer and owner of the Exodus viewer project!

Exodus has been a passion of Ayamo and myself for just shy of two years now and we have enjoyed leading the project immensely. Originally we built Exodus as a viewer to compliment various Second Life combat scenarios, Exodus has since catered for a wide variety of user and continues to provide a the best viewer experience we possibly can thanks to the skill and dedication of my team. This will never change. Recently we have not been able to focus on viewer development as much as we would like. Ayamo Nozaki will be leaving as our lead developer and passing the torch to Katharine Berry. Katharine is also the ideal candidate to hand ownership of the project, as Ayamo and I cannot spare the time to do so any longer.

Thank you everyone, from Ayamo and me, it’s been a blast!

Exodus remains one of the three viewers I most frequently use, depending upon what I’m doing in-world, so I look forward to seeing what this hand-over brings; I also wish Clix and Ayamo the best for their future endeavours, in-world and elsewhere.

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Exodus Viewer team seek photographers and machinimists

As well as working on the next release of Exodus and rolling out a series of nightly builds, the Exodus team are also staging an exhibit at this year’s SL9B celebrations – and they need help from their users!

In asking for my help in putting out the call for assistance, Geenz Spad explained the situation thus, “Basically, we’re setting up a  Made in Exodus exhibit for photographers and machinimists where they’ll have a chance to show people what they’ve got.”

Exodus at SL9B

The team is looking for three things from photographers:

  • Samples of their work, preferably taken using Exodus’ HDR features
  • A statement on why they use Exodus and how its features benefit them in their work
  • A logo for their establishment (if appropriate).

For machinimatographers, the team needs:

  • A URL to the video (shot using Exodus) they’d like showcased
  • A statement on why they use Exodus for their work, and how its features benefit them when filming
  • A logo for their establishment (if appropriate).

Submissions containing the required information should be made to Geenz Spad, either in-world via IM or notecard, or via e-mail to: geenz-at-exodusviewer.com.

Exodus goes nightly

As I recently reported, the Exodus team have been hard at work on the Viewer, obtaining TPV Directory listing status as well as working on a wide range of new features and options within their Viewer.

This is now nearing completion, and as the team work towards their next formal release, they’ve implemented a new nightly build programme for the Viewer. As the name suggests, this will feature daily builds of the Viewer featuring the very latest options, functions and updates, ready for wider testing. In contacting me about the builds, Geenz Spad explained their purpose thus: “We want to get more people testing our nightly builds of Exodus as we near another stable release; those builds are updated almost on a daily basis … to get new features we’re experimenting with out to the public faster for feedback before they make it into a stable release.”

As daily builds there are a few points worth mentioning:

  • No support is provided – so please do not use them as your primary viewer
  • There will be issues both in terms of functionality and stability
  • Please do give constructive feedback to the team on any problems you have, crashes you experience etc.

If you’d like to help the team work towards future releases of Exodus, you can find out more by reading their blog post on the builds and by following the links below:

Exodus and Niran’s Viewer appear on the TPV Directory

I received a short note from Oz earlier this evening:

Both Nirans and Exodus added to the directory this morning… thought you’d like to know.

Running a quick check on the TPVD page reveals both are indeed there, tucked in below Firestorm:

Exodus and Niran’s now TPVD listed

Niran’s Viewer had been accepted for TPVD listing with release 1.33. A new release of Exodus is in development and should be available in the future.

Congratulations to both Viewers.

Whither Exodus? Why, heads down and busy!

There have been questions and comments on Exodus floating around in various places, with people wondering what is happening and when the next release might come out. As an Exodus user myself, I fired-off an e-mail to Clix and the team recently to see if they’d be willing to shed a little light on what’s going on.

While the reply was a little shorter than I’d hoped – but then I did ask a couple of questions on releases that the team may not want to commit to, date-wise – Clix did provide a little update:

The team has been busy with personal projects and real life commitments. Naturally this has slowed down production. In addition we have been submitting code upstream to Linden Lab that has been accepted and rolled out in the most recent official viewer release.

Exodus is being actively worked on and will feature a wide range of fixes, performance improvements as well as some neat new features. Our next release will address any and all license concerns. We will continue to produce the best TPV for gamers and visual artists in Second Life. Stay tuned for new feature announcements!

The license concerns mentioned potentially refer to J2C / KDU usage issues. Whether or not this is the case, it is fairly clear from comments passed elsewhere that there has been strong cooperation between LL and the Exodus team in sorting any problems out, which has to be seen as being a good indicator when it comes to LL / TPV cooperation in general, something that has been grumbled about by some commentators following changes to the TPV Policy recently.

One thing is very certain: given the popularity of Exodus amongst users, that the Viewer is being actively worked on will come a good news to many, so keep an eye on the Exodus blog page.