SL9B: Ten sims by the residents, for the residents

Saffia Widdershins, over at the Prim Perfect blog has just issued news that there will be ten sims available for centralised events during SL9B.

A formal announcement will be made on Monday May 14th, but Saffia notes:

There will be stages, resident plots, art plots, and there are plans to link to other community events across the grid.

There will be a birthday cake and a time capsule.

But there will be no involvement by Linden Lab. This a 100% resident event (which is being organised by some of the volunteers behind past Birthday and Burn events).

This is excellent news indeed, and congrat in advance to all involved for pulling this together.

For Saffia’s full piece, please go to the Prim Perfect blog, and make sure you keep an eye on it Monday!

With thanks to Saffia & Prim Perfect

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