Restrained Love, Dolphin 3 and Niran’s updated

This week has seen a number of TPVs updated. Rather than dwell interminably on each of them, here’s a rapid rundown, based on the individual blog entries for the three Viewers.

Restrained Love Viewer

Release 2.8.3 brings with it many bug fixes and:


  • New keyboard shortcuts for builders (they are also added to the Build > Options sub-menu):
    • – Alt+W to edit linked parts
    • – Alt+T to set to stretch textures
    • – Alt+B to set to stretch both sides
    • – Alt+R to set to set grid mode to World
    • – Alt+F to set to set grid mode to Local
    • – Alt+V to set to set grid mode to Reference
    • – Alt+G to set to set current selected object as Reference and set grid mode to Reference
  • Debug setting “RenderMeshDeformed” to switch Qarl’s parametric alpha mesh deformer on and off (it is off by default
  • LL’s patch for the new inventory features (i.e. no accidental nudity)
  • Allow to click in-world while in Mouselook mode, even when your controls are taken, but only while pressing Alt


  • Inventory offers were unreadable (the Show button used to overwrite the URL), same for teleport offers
  • Shift+Right-click on an object in world failed to open it
  • In Mouselook mode, we could only click on something or fire with a gun once
  • RLV_50: Fix to the alignment tool in the Build floater is broken (thanks given to Lance Corrimal and Jonathan Yap)
  • RLV_52: another avatar sitting down while in ML resets my camera (with thanks to Lance Corrimal)


  • Unable to be force TPed when in Busy mode.


Dolphin Viewer

Version brings with it:

  • The main inventory tab can now show or hide links, or show only links (the recent and worn tabs always hide links). Switch it on via the Inventory gear icon
  • The use of private memory pools has been switched off. If you notice more crashes than before, switch it back on with the Debug setting “MemoryPrivatePoolEnabled” and let Lance know (via a post on the forum)
  • This version of the Dolphin Viewer 3 does not send “LookAt” data anymore, if you switch on “Do not point at objects” (Preferences->Dolphin Viewer 3->Miscellaneous). Lance notes that, “The options to have the LookAt / PointAt crosshairs on-screen will be gone in the next release, unless someone points out good use cases for having them that are not based on drama or paranoia.”
  • The inventory patch recommended by Oz Linden has been implemented – no “accidental nudity” for Dolphin Viewer 3 users
  • Updated to RLV
  • When you take a Snapshot to disk using the keyboard shortcut CTRL-SHIFT-D, it uses the file format that you selected for your last “snapshot to disk” from the snapshot floater
  • The check boxes for switching AutoCloseOOC and AllowMUpose are back in Preferences->Dolphin Viewer 3->Miscellaneous
  • The linux version of the Dolphin Viewer 3 now uses dbus calls in the secondlife: handler script to send SLurl to whichever viewer is running at the time. Lance comments, “This is not available on 64-bit Windows, so please vote for VWR-28073 and VWR-28074. Thanks.”
  • The Windows installer should not use the term “Second Life” anymore anywhere in any language. It should read “The Dolphin Viewer 3″
  • Some Windows build issues have been addressed.
  • Fixes:
    • The tips of the handles of the Align tool in the Build toolbox point in the right directions
    • Sharing inventory items with more than one inventory window is open is now working correctly
    • The hovertip on the local chat bar mentions whispering as well
    • Previews of textures show the checkerboard pattern again under transparent areas. Lance notes: “This version still does this with the old deprecated OpenGL calls. The next version of Dolphin Viewer 3 will do it “right”, thanks to Shyotl from Singularity”
    • Fixed: the “Preview As” dropdown in the texture upload preview is not covered by the texture anymore.


Niran’s Viewer

Release 1.12 brings with it:

  • New Build floater
  • Ability to select the use of your right arm when selecting / pointing / building
  • Revised pie menu
  • Ability to see UI when in Mouselook
  •  Shining updates.
Niran’s: UI visible in Mouselook (note ML crosshairs in the centre of the image)

The UI-in-Mouselook is interesting – NiranV mentions it as coming via Dolphin, but I’ve failed to notice it in that Viewer (or any other V3-based TPV) – not that I’m a major user of ML at the best of times and so may well have missed it if it is a debug setting (or I managed to skip the option in Preferences). It’s an interesting addition to direct 1st person use of the Viewer, especially given UI options can be accessed using the Alt key. For those who prefer a more traditional Mouselook view, the UI can currently be hidden using a debug command: AllowUIHidingInML.

As a semi-regular user of Niran’s Viewer, I have to say, I’m not totally convinced with the build floater changes (which need a small amount of tidying-up) on two counts. Firstly, because Niran’s is one of three Viewers I routinely use, and so the layout cuts against the other two – this is admittedly more *my* problem than the Viewer’s.

Secondly – and more importantly – while the “traditional” builder floater is getting increasingly crowded (and one could argue it does need a bit of a re-think), it does have a certain logical flow in the way information is presented – and scanned by the user. This is something that appears to have been lost in this initial presentation within Niran’s Viewer.