A unicorn’s enchantment

Update:Enchanted Unicorn and Enchanted Swansong have been separated and extensively redeveloped and no longer appear as described here.

Enchanted Swansong and Enchanted Unicorn are described as “a magical atmosphere in SL where the forests are filled with fairy tale creatures and romance is always in the air” and where you can, “Live your dreams here in the land of the faeres.” They are operated by the Enchanted Unicorn group, with the larger, full sim of Enchanted Unicorn rated Adult, and the Homestead sim of Enchanted Swansong, created by Andrek Lowell, rated Moderate. Both are enchanting places to visit, especially for those into photography and / or romance.

Enchanted Swansong (foreground left) with Enchanted Unicorn beyond

Both regions use Windlight presets set to sunset, and I’d recommend that you keep these settings when visiting.

Enchanted Swansong is a tall, verdant forest within which wind water ways that run between tall trees and past candle-lit gazebos, the air filled with the rich sounds of nature. There are also green pools of water masquerading as lush grass – so be careful as to where you tread!

Walking through the trees, one does expect to come across a Mallorn tree or to hear soft, sweet elven voices singing in the distance – Enchanted Swansong has that kind of Tolkien-esque feel about it in places, even with some of the more ominous sounds audible from deeper in the woods.

Glades, gazebos and harps

If you are able to explore with shadows enabled – and particularly with a Viewer like Niran’s or Exodus with the “extras” active, exploring Enchanted Swansong gains an added depth as sunlight filters through the trees, and you path is dappled  by shadows.

As you explore, you may come across a teleporter pad. Then leads the way up to the sky forest and the Roman baths, hidden overhead. For those romantically inclined, both offer quiet retreats in which to spend time. I particularly like the Roman baths, tucked inside a skybox; they remind me of a swimming pool at a country house hotel I like to frequent in summer here in the UK…

The Roman baths

Across the water to the west of Enchanted Swansong is Enchanted Unicorn, which also has a dedicated start-point. While still wooded, this is a very different enchanted land to that of Swansong. The music of the pan pipe hovers in the air together with birds’ songs and the sounds, perhaps, of spring; the trees are more varied and a greater feeling of faerie pervades the air. This is an adult region, and those of a sensitive nature should remember that fae nudity is accepted here. There are also gazebos, pavilions and tree houses where couples and friends can enjoy romantic trysts or meet for friendly conversation.

Like Enchanted Swansong, there is a teleporter to carry you skywards (or if you use the start-point, both around the sky and to the ground), which you can use to reach a ballroom, a club, hanging gardens and other delights.

The hanging gardens and Unicorn start-point floating beyond

Not everywhere may be reachable via teleport, however, so it’s worthwhile keeping your eyes open as you explore – there is a lot to find within Enchanted Unicorn both in the air and on the ground. One way to see more is to find the old white balloon and take to the skies, steering your way around the region while sitting in the basket admiring the view. Just be careful when sending the balloon home when you’re done as it requests – or you might end up standing on thin air!

Would you like to fly/In my lil’ white balloon…

The Enchanted sims make for a wonderful visit, regardless as to whether you’re into the fae scene or not – both are beautifully developed, and AliceDeejay Aya and Andrek Lowell have done a fabulous job in putting them together. Both are very photogenic and offer some wonderful opportunities for those key on SL photography. For those who enjoy  faerie or are looking for romantic spots witin SL, or who simply enjoy exploring the sights of Second Life, Enchanted Unicorn and Enchanted Swansong  together make a very worthwhile destination.

ballroom (l) and club, hovering over Enchanted Unicorn
Enchanted Unicorn as seen from Enchanted Swansong
The far pavilions – and nearby swing!

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All images captured using Exodus 12.01.03(b), no post-processing applied. All images using deferred rendering, gamma correction, active depth of field. Tone mapping active in all but images (1) and (3).