Meshing about at home

In-world, I tend to build my own homes (and bore people reading this blog with the details…!). But ever since I came across it while looking at the slow spread of mesh, I’ve been fascinated with a mesh house designed by Novocaine Islay (who has in fact supplied one of my past houses). As I didn’t splurge over Xmas in-world, I decided to treat myself and give the house – called Jewell – a closer look.


Like all of Novocaine’s houses, the unit comes in a neat “cardboard box” of “house bricks” you unpack to inventory to reveal a rez-faux unit, and various other goodies (in this case a radio, the “helper” and the expected notecards).

The rez-faux containing the house elements and furniture is perhaps the biggest I’ve seen, standing about 6m tall from base to highest point! One possible reason for the size of the rezzer is to make it easier to select for repositioning purposes once the house is rezzed.

The House

The house has a footprint some 30×15 metres, making it ideal for smaller parcels / skyboxes. Unlike some of Novocaine’s builds, there are no extensive grounds – although there is a front patio, complete with potted sculpted plants and modest pool.

The exterior textures are a little flat in terms of colour, but beautifully detailed nonetheless, with baked shadowing that adds to the feel and look of the place.

Jewell house on my build platform

Inside you get two rooms – a lounge downstairs and bedroom upstairs (with a bath area at the back), linked by a spiral staircase. One is able to move around freely inside and get up and down the stairs without issues. The doors (one to the house itself, the other to the upstairs balcony) are individual prims, as are the stairs & helper.

The house comes fully furnished – all of it removable, so if you prefer to use your own, you can. The furniture comprises a sofa with multiple seats and an MLP cuddle selection, a chair, fireplace, cushion, rugs, vases and plants in the lounge; upstairs is a double bed with pose system, rugs, a bath, modesty screen and plants.


The total Land Impact for the house is 91. Remove the furniture and plants and this falls to 52, of which the main structure of the house (walls, floors, roof, patio, windows (tintable), and balcony) is mesh at 29 (remove the rezzing script and this drops to 14), the rest is the lighting, doors, stairs, pool water (with MLP) and window frames. Even at a Land Impact of 91, the house is hardly breaking the bank, and tends to stand as proof that mesh can be used to provide “low prim” builds.


Overall, Jewell is a nice, clean design, and with a price tag of L$350, represents very good value for money, and is in keeping with Novocaine’s overall price range. Certainly, and taking into consideration all the options and extras, it stands as a practical demonstration as to what can be achieved using a combination of mesh and prims without a massively heavy LI.

That said, I’m not sure I’ll be using my new mesh house right away – not because I have any issues with it, but simply because I’m still enjoying my time living in a rock. But I have to admit, the temptation is there to give it a go…

On the balcony

The Jewell house is available from Inside, by Novocaine Islay both in-world and via the Marketplace.


  • 30×15 footprint
  • Land Impact 91, fully furnshed
  • House elements Land Impact 52
  • Permissions: Copy / Mod
  • Price (at time of going to press): L$350

Note: with the exception of the balcony shot, all photos of the Jewell house were taken with deferred rendering and shadows disabled to help show the texture baking and effects.

Exodus Beta 7 released to address issues & I take some photos

exodus-4When reviewing the Beta 6 release of Exodus, I missed an issue with Alpha textures. This was reported to the team, who immediately set to work on fixing the problem and taking care of a few other issues. The result is that there is now a new release – Beta 7) available for download.

Specific fixes comprise:

  • Water no longer renders black (white under AMD hardware) under certain circumstances
  • Alpha blended fullbright objects no longer render white under certain circumstances
  • Eyelashe rendering correct so they no longer show as white under certain circumstances
  • Fullbright on rigged meshes now gamma correct in Gamma Correction
  • Fixed alphas on fullbright requiring gamma correction
  • Fixed projected textures not being gamma corrected
  • Fixed rigged meshes not being gamma corrected properly under most circumstances
  • Fixed cases when using forward slash in chat played typing animation.

Further, the team have made the following changes / additions:

  • Changed default inventory icon style to the original icons
  • Modifications in attempt to clean up the preferences window and remove old UI preferences
  • Changed maximum shadow quality to 4.0, as requested
  • Sun/Moon light color is now gamma corrected when gamma correction is enabled
  • Added “refresh texture” feature from Firestorm Viewer
  • Added option to see threat indicators in third person
  • Added more adjustable settings related to glow, ambient occlusion and shadows to the visuals window.

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Exodus runs extremely well on my PC, and as there is a new release that fixes a few things, I gave it a quick spin photo-wise at Black Spot. I think you’ll agree, the results are impressive.

Shaders active, no deferred rendering or other effects
With deferred rendering active – note the local lights from the ships and the quays reflected in the water
With deferred rendering active, plus high precision options of gamma correction and tone mapping
Deferred rendering, high precision actrive and vigette set to .870

Beta 7 ran at 38fps on High at Black Spot, dropping to 11 with deferred active; turning on the high precision options did not further impact performance. I’ll attempt to run my “comparison test” on the release tomorrow.