Viewer snapshot floater overhauled

The latest Development – 3.2.3 (244722) Nov  8 2011 – and Beta  – Second Life 3.2.2 (244666) – Viewers include a new snapshot floater that presents a set of simplified controls and some new features.

Snapshot folder – old (l) and new (r)

Send Snapshots to Your Feed

There is a button to send any snapshot directly to your feed ay There is no charge associated with this option, and clicking the button allows you to:

  • Set the image size
  • Optionally include a caption for the snapshot and the location where the picture was taken

E-mail Revised

The option to send an image via e-mail has been revised; clicking on the button now opens the message options in the snapshot floater, rather than in a separate floater, and buttons allow you to toggle between the message view and the image settings.

Advanced Options

The advanced options for snapshots are now access by clicking the right-pointing chevrons at the top of the floater. Here you’ll find the familiar check boxes for including the interface and your HUDs in an image, and to set the auto-refresh function. However, there are two options some might not be familiar with that are worth mentioning.

Colour / Depth

Available when saving images to your computer via the drop-down menu, this option allows you to take a full colour image or something more atmospheric. The DEPTH option appears to work with the Viewer’s DoF (Depths of Field) option active in the PREFERENCES -> GRAPHICS tab. Examples of both settings are below.

Save options: Colour (l); Depth with Viewer DoF active (m); Depth with Viewer DoF disabled (r) – note loss of detail in (r)

Freeze Frame

This is probably the feature that will excite most people. Check the option will switch the Viewer to full screen mode, and freeze what you are seeing in-world while allowing you to position the camera for the shot you require!

With freeze frame active, you can pan, orbit, zoom until you’re satisfied, then take the shot. Clicking the refresh bution with the option active will update you screen to the last moves made by any avatars / moving objects in view.

All told, this is a very well-presented update with some fun new features. I like it!

With thanks to Opensource Obscure

Update 11th November

As has been pointed out – I’d somehow missed the fact that freeze frame has been around a while; as has, tbh the colour / depth options. Put this down to me staying up far too late at night looking at things when I should be a-bed!. Article revised to reflect these errors.

5 thoughts on “Viewer snapshot floater overhauled

  1. Inara, the Freeze Frame function in the Snapshot floater has always been available — I’ve been using it for years. Perhaps they just made it more visible?


    1. Actually, you’re right – and it is there in the old floater. Put it down to me getting over-excited with things. Same with the colour / Depth which I’d managed to overlook!


  2. I have the latest SL viewer and I don’t have this floater snapshot thingy o.0. Just the same ol photo viewer I always had (except NO there’s no shortcut button for it…i have to go up inot the top toobar) =(


    1. The new floater has yet to make it into the release version of the Viewer – currently it’s in the Beta and Development versions, as per the opening comment in this article :).

      You need to go to the Viewer Download page on theSL website and either download the Beta from their, or following the link to the wiki and download the Latest Development Viewer from there.


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