Wait, what? Web Profiles gain a Trending tab?!

I confess I don’t know if this is new, or I’m just blind and a little stupid (don’t answer that!), but my.secondlife.com has gone more Twittery, introducing a TRENDING tab.

The tab is accessed via the HOME tab on your web profile, and like Twitter, pops up anything that is proving popular among those using the Feed function – presumably based on a combination of replies & number of loves received by a message.

I freely admit this may have been around a while and I’ve simply missed it, or it was recently added and I simply missed the news. I’ve been rather absent from active engagement on Twitter lately due to work and things so could have missed the news there; and I do keep forgetting to tend to my own my.secondlife.com feed). As such, I only noticed it today, and did (rather forlornly) ask:

If it *is* new…then it’s an interesting new option that allows greater interaction between SL users (LL, why aren’t you telling us about these things?). If it’s been around a while, feel free to pat me on the head sympathetically before moving on :).

Viewer 3.2 UI JIRA

More people are trying-out the new FUI (apparently “Flexible User Interface”, and not “phooey” as someone jokingly insisted!) in Viewer 3.2, and some interesting JIRA are starting to appear.

If you’ve made the hop, you might want to consider taking a look at some of these and adding your support to any you agree with (remember to WATCH rather than VOTE – or do both to be on the safe side!):

  • VWR-20738: add ability to organise buttons in Customise Toolbars floater
  • VWR-27209: a Navigation bar only option to top bar of UI
  • VWR-27222: add Estate & Statistics Bar buttons and include multi-use separator in Customise Toolbars
  • VWR-27318 / VWR-27330: provide the option to use either the toolbars or the Sidebar
  • VWR-27358: allow the Chat Bar and an “IM Bar” to be docked, as if a button-like element, to the bottom bar area
  • VWR-27388: make any menu option draggable to the button bar
  • VWR-27448: recover the ability to dock windows at the edge of the screen and have them behave like tabs
  • VWR-27455: make the button bars on Viewer 3.2 dockable to top/bottom or right/left (depending on the edge) and not only on the middle
  • VWR-27457: create a “Quick Preferences” button for rapid access to frequently used preferences
  • VWR-27463: add Picks, Places, and Destinations to menus
  • VWR-27599: some floater window sizes and positions are sometimes reset to default after a crash, and all are on viewer update

While the following are not strictly Viewer 3.2 related, some may feel they still apply:

  • VWR-26688: allow notifications to be positioned to a different area of the screen

Note that I don’t pretend that this is an exhaustive list, nor have I included any JIRA for 3.2.0 through 3.2.2 marked as “fix pending”. Finally, JIRA listed above should not in any way be taken as a personal endorsement on my part – they’re simply what came up in search & while perusing the results!

Update 17th November

  • Adding EXP-1449 left click drag to control avatar not working, when “single click on land” action set to “move to clicked point”.