Going Premium 3: sandboxes

So, another part of the Premium package is the use of exclusive sandboxes. I’m fortunate enough to have a build platform of my own right now – but what would it be like using one of them if I didn’t?

Some twenty sandboxes are available for use by Premium members in five groups of four apiece:

Note that all of the sandbox with the exception of the last four above are rated General. Bricker, Colborne, Goyer and Teagano are all rated Adult. All are subject to the usual rules: no combat, selling, gambling, advertising, boxes cleared-down every four hours, etc.

For those interested in trying the Linden Realms game, you’ll also find a portal on one of the sandboxes in each of the groups of four.

Performance-wise they all seemed pretty good: on Firestorm I was hitting 38-40 fps on average, even when building, lag was minimal ( shared the sandbox I was in with two other large builds).

I spent a happy time re-working my personal version of Fallingwater (yay for 64m prim sizes!), and while I have rarely used sandboxes in the past, I have encountered the odd problem in public sandboxes elsewhere, I found my time passed as quietly and as uninterrupted asit does building at home.

Happy building

The whole idea of Premium sandboxes struck me as “Meh,” before; but as I said, I have the luxury of having space to build, so seeing something like this as a benefit escaped me. Now I’ve tried four out (yup, I actually bounced around trying-out different regions!), I can see why they could well be attractive.

Certainly places to keep in mind should I ever opt to downsize land holdings!