Positively Phenomenal Particle Phantasmagoria

Last week I was able to see Tyrehl Byk’s Catharsis (more than once in fact, it is so good). It is an amazing tour-de-force in the use of music, particles and images within second Life. This weekend I’ve been fortunate enough to witness the show that started it all, Particle Phantasmagoria  – and it is a wonderful feast for both eyes and ears.

More abstract and free-form than Catharsis (although with a very subtle subtext to the images accompanying It’s the End of the World As We Know it), Particle Phantasmagoria is a fabulous ride marrying stunning particle effects and images with an inspired selection of music in a trippy rollercoaster of a ride that will not only have you watching in awe and whooping in delight, but also quiet probably seat dancing along to the soundtrack.

The show is running at LEA6, alongside Tyr’s Not -a-Knot, and shares the Event Horizon theatre with presentations of Catharsis. Words cannot really do the show justice – nor can still images; this is something that really has to be seen.

Show Details

  • Start location for Particle Phantasmagoria – enter through the door and follow the arrows
  • Calendar for Tyrehl’s performances (updated regularly)
  • Go as lightly scripted as possible (remove HUDs, scripted attachments, etc.)
  • On arrival at the Event Horizon theatre:
    • Sit in any available seat in any of the tiers
    • Set your Viewer Draw Distance to 250m
    • Set your Particle Count to maximum
    • Set Sun to midnight
    • Make sure the music stream is allowed and playing
    • Tap your ESC key a couple of times to free your camera – this is important, as it allows Tyrehl to take you into the show
    • If you can, turn off your RL lights and watch in the dark – the bigger the screen the better
    • Sit back and enjoy the 24-minute ride!