Watch out – your avatar is about to get it in the neck (but in a good way)

There have been a couple of recent Viewer updates in the last 24 hours. Yesterday I reviewed the latest Exodus Viewer release; it wasn’t alone – Dolphin 3 also saw a new release –

Both of these are interesting as they include support for two new avatar attachment points: Neck and Avatar Centre.

  • Neck will allow the wearing of items at the neck point (such as necklaces, collars, etc.), which will move with normal avatar body movement
  • Centre is a “fixed” attachment point which is static – so it does not move with your avatar’s movements (i.e. in response to an animation such as a dance, etc). This allows attachments that do not need to be seen to be attached to the body, or can be used with reference to vehicles, etc.
New attachment points

Both attachment points are also available in the latest SL Development Viewer ( or above) and in any self-compiled builds from the latest Firestorm code release.

There are a few things to remember when using these new attachment points:

  • As one might expect, items will require a degree of adjustment to fit correctly – especially on the Neck attach point
  • Don’t use the Avatar Centre point for anything you wish to be visible and needs to move with your avatars movements – it won’t. Avatar Centre isn’t the place for skirts and belts, unless you want them standing on their own on the dance floor while you gyrate!
  • Until the code is fully supported across all Viewers, to anyone not using a Viewer supporting these attachment points it will appear as if you’re wearing items incorrectly (as with the old Emerald multi-attach issue). Once the code is absorbed into all Viewers, this issue should go away.

If I’m totally honest, there is perhaps too much movement encountered with the neck attachment point – if your AO causes a lot of natural head movement, you may find necklaces, etc, vanishing into your collar bones or into your chest rather a lot. Those familiar with wearing collars may find that rather than the collar remaining relatively static compared to head movements (as when attached to the Spine or Chest points), the collar moves rather disconcertingly.

However, if you want to try the ne new attachment points out, why not give the SL Development Viewer ( or above), Exodus 11.10.31 (b) or Dolphin 3 a go?

October blog round-up

October has been another amazing month for this blog. Here are the top 15 posts for the month, listed in order of most read:

The last three months have been especially mind-boggling for me – thank you to all of you who have expressed support and appreciation for this blog both through comments and via in-world IMs, e-mails, etc, and to all of you who have taken the time to comment on the various articles and posts. Your feedback and input, and the fact you do take the time to read this blog is sincerely appreciated. Thanks to, for those who have given their time and had me worrying them with questions or pestering them in other ways.